What is Past Life Regression?

“All we are is the result of what we have thought”- Dhammapada

So what is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression can be used as a self-healing process. If we heal the past, we can heal the present and change the future. By accessing the past and uncovering the patterns of behavior in our lives, we can break the cycle of pain that may be plaguing us. By understanding the source of our distress, we can more easily let it go.

One of the key benefits of doing Past Life Regression is that we gain a deep wisdom that goes well beyond our current experience. It allows us to see beyond whatever might be holding us back from achieving peace and happiness in this life; by expanding this awareness, we can understand with more clarity how to remove the blocks that keep us from our highest truth.

On a spiritual level, any journey we take through our past lifetimes is a movement towards karmic homeostasis. As we discover repeated patterns in our past lives, we begin to work through them until we can achieve the balance and harmony we desire.

Past Life Regression sessions in Old Wethersfield, CT

Mystic Healing Reiki offers Past Life Regression Healing sessions in Old Wethersfield, CT. Serving Hartford County area: Wethersfield, Manchester, Rocky Hill, Cromwell and Glastonbury.