Angel message- power

Angel of Power
Now is the time when we reclaim our power, speak our truth, and remove self imposed limitations… this process began many moons ago and now we are ready to establish our divine presence. Continue your ritual, your self care, your union with your own silence. Stand in your energy, like a rising tide. Allow kindness to be your guide.

Tarot message- ground yourself

Two of Pentacles crossed by Four of Pentacles

grounding is required now. you have been busy building a new thought process, path or environment. remember to stop for a few moments to give yourself a pat on the back and to show the universe gratitude for your progress. do not allow yourself to put one thing over another though- it is all important. work to maintain balance and perspective. growth takes time and adjustment. remember that rome wasn’t built in a day- incline your mind towards patience and loving kindness no matter how rushed, stressed or overwhelmed you may get. remember you live this incarnation once… take a breath and smile… you will never be in the place again.

Tarot message- quiet the inner conflict

Queen of Swords reversed crossed by King of Swords

Inner conflict may create unnecessary stress and drama today. Guard your words and actions with loving kindness and make sure your thoughts are guided by- is this kind? is this helpful? is this positive? Please take care especially when dealing with yourself- filter your inner thoughts by the same- kindness, helpful, positive… you may feel compelled to argue or take a stand… let it go today- do not dwell in anger.. instead work to release your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way- paint, write, walk, sing, scream if you need to- but do not internalize and try not to lash out… this will pass and the energy of today will dissipate… try to learn from the experience instead of sinking into it.

Tarot message- forge ahead with your plans

Page of Pentacles crossed by Strength

it’s time to grow! new horizons lie ahead of you now and adventure awaits! if you have been thinking of taking the leap to learn something new- or maybe you have children who are venturing out into a new chapter of their journey- now is a most excellent time to forge ahead. keep your eyes on the horizon as you make your way into this new environment- do not allow yourself to feel afraid or anxious about the changes- all is exactly as it needs to be; the ground is set beneath your feet- so forge onward! keep your heart and mind in balance and you may even surprise yourself with how far you can go.

Tarot message- doors are opening

The Fool crossed by Ace of Pentacles

New energy is in the air! Opportunity opens to you as new doors pertaining to your living environment, job, and/or financial status become clear. Do not be afraid to walk through these new doorways… you are now more inline with a divine purpose and abundance is flowing… accept challenges with a grateful heart… you are resonating with a higher purpose now… allow the flow to find you and take you where you need to go….