Divine message for today- tarot

Three of Wands crossed by nine of Pentacles

Your journey is set now- there’s no changing or going back. Stop worrying about how things might turn out- instead run with what you know to be true. Second guessing yourself is counter productive… you are in a building process- allow all sides to play out. You don’t need to see everything to move forward. Walk in faith- trust the path- live without worry or judgement.. the way forward is clear.

The sun moves into Virgo

August 23, 2019

The sun moves into Virgo- earthly concerns take center stage- Health focus is important now. Release earthly matters that no longer pertain to you. Release the old and step into the new… Change is coming- physically and emotionally…mental clarity
Ground yourself- spend time in nature

Rest~ Renew~ Restore~

Angel message for today

Angels of the universe

The angels of the universe remind us that we are all connected in a divine energetic way. Our beings remain connected to this divine source by way of our soul. Embrace the divine within yourself and allow this connectivity to promote within you a broader sense of compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

Message for your soul- tarot today

King of cups crossed by eight of swords

This combination appeared just yesterday, except king was reversed. Holding onto things only creates heartache. Release what binds you- let go of expectation and desires. The universe flows when we stop fighting and accept. It’s time to embrace what we have and not what we think we desire.

Angel messages

Angel of remembrance

It’s okay to miss those who have passed on. These loved ones may even still be with you in spirit- remember the lessons learned from these influential people that have touched your life. Try speaking to them if you are lonely or alone and watch for signs in nature as they respond. Energy never leaves- it is simply transformed.