Happiness isn’t a thing, it isn’t found in a person, it isn’t something that can fly into out life or we swept out of it… rather, happiness lies within us- always available to us. Doors open and close all the time… highs and lows… victories and defeats… but when we stop clinging to the joyous highs and depressing lows- that’s when we find it- happiness. Living in the moment… releasing disappointment, and joy… letting go of ill will and hope…. and just being. That is happiness… it’s always there lingering below the surface. It’s always available to us.
May you incline towards your happiness, towards your peace today- no matter what doors open, or close… no matter what opportunities present or fly away… take a breath, meet the blue sky with present eyes and know that all is well.

Today’s reading

Voices are calling but you cannot hear them over your own inner dialogue. Strife and strain weigh you down as you wait to see how a thing plays out. Change is here… make no mistake. Growing is difficult… take these new lessons in stride. Things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Messages from the ascended

Today is about giving of yourself to yourself and to others. Give joy, compassion, loving kindness, freedom to others and it will be returned to you. I know you may be feeling tired, worn out, depleted… this is okay- in giving to others we give to ourselves. Open your heart and let the love spill out.

Divine guidance

The Fool

Today remember that you are in a journey like no other. Your feet carry you exactly where you need to go. Keep your mind present and stop worrying about how things will work out. Stop worrying about other people and how their feelings are impacting you. Remember that you are guided, you are on this path… remove all other attachments… all will work out if you remain in the moment with loving kindness.

Oracle message today

All things unfold when they should- we cannot pick the how and when. It’s time to let your need to control this situation go. Understand that you are being guided- just follow. Have patience and courage to keep moving forward even when you don’t see your feet. Act on your inner knowing.