2022 Year at a Glance- tarot pull

Overall vibration of the year is 4 of Swords.

This is a year of balance. It is important that we walk into our life deeply rooted in the moment. Self care is so important- as we work to not only shed away whatever of the old we may have left- but to elevate the channel upon which we feed our soul.

There are three kings that appear this year- these are earmarks of growth and wisdom. January, April & August. New ideas and insights will flow. It is important during these times to be extra mindful of ego- the great blinder…

You will agree to make a change towards something better this year. And through that journey, you may find an illusion stripped away. You will have to see that for what it is and let it go. This leads us to the wisdom of letting go. The acceptance that comes with seeing truth as the only true sight.

This increased perspective allows for deeper understanding into your own divine heart- an awakening emerges as a mass release that is felt deep within.

Early summer relationships may come back into the forefront and there may be some adjustments needed. This could also indicate the need to re-balance your own connection to the divine.

Most excellent new opportunity bursts forth in summer. It will take a fresh set of eyes to see it. Believe what comes for you- it is a blessing.

This blessing, even feeling more like a lesson, will nurture a deeper wisdom about forgiveness and acceptance.

By the Autumn- things are flowing again. Energy is moving and you are feeling very hopeful. Your work is paying off. You need to just keep your eyes on the ball and keep going.

The Queen of Swords reversed is the final and possibly most important influence here. She represents the incorporation of wisdom gained from this year. She is the light that shines now inwardly- now out. She is the divine breathe of hope and love. She is your torch, the light of truth that is now carried within you.

The lesson card this year is Sun reversed. We must maintain our energetic balance through self care ritual and mindfulness. Be here now! Be here- just now.

The fire of the Mother fuels us, the light from our Star brothers and sisters guides us, we are the portal between worlds- the healer who walks between heaven and earth.

12/21/21 Sun into Capricorn- Winter Solstice

Today we experience the Sun’s move into Earthly Capricorn and the Winter Solstice. In the Northern hemisphere, this day marks the longest night of the year. Following Winter Solstice, the sun is REBORN- growing again into the light of Spring and Summer.

During this time we are asked to let go of all those things that we no longer need to carry with us. This can mean thought patterns, relationships, emotions… for we too, are in a sense, reborn as well. This year has been one of transition- with one foot in the old, one foot in the new. This year’s Winter Solstice marks a definitive turning point, asking us to look into the future with new vision. We have all the wisdom and tools we need to manifest our truest purpose as we move into the Year of the Journey.

Consider rituals on this year’s winter solstice to cement the changes you have experienced of late. Write down on a piece of paper all the things you are leaving behind you; all those things that no longer serve your highest and best good. Write with with love in your heart and then throw them into a fire with a prayer of thanks and gratitude- for the lessons learned in letting go of these things have helped you advance to your present.

After you are done releasing, write again those things which you wish to see manifest in the coming year. Meditate on these desires with an open heart and with gratitude. Give thanks for these blessings which have not coming into into your life yet, and throw them into the fire with a prayer to your higher power.

This is a time for change. Energy portals have been open since 12/12; helping us release, raising our vibrations, sending messages of attunement for the coming year. Release into your highest self, let go of what no longer serves you and find peace knowing that your road is paved with universal intent.

Full Moon Channeled Message

Take three full luminous breaths from the Universe- breathing in beautiful light and exhaling peace. Under this FULL MOON we are given hope and guidance. What began during the New Moon eclipse in June has completed and you are no longer the person you were. Remember how far you have grown, how large your light shines now. You have done the work and now you may bask in your own beautiful light signature.

Healer helpers and guides are with you now. Call on them for protection and wisdom. The temple flames have been lit and the fires grow. Descend into the Winter Solstice and gather around the warm light of the GREAT MOTHER.

All are welcome who travel to the great waters of life. Come be cleansed through her awesome nature. We are one.

FULL MOON blessings to you ✨

12/11/21 Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter

Balance between the emotions and the mind are called for at this time, as both the heart and head will be ablaze with fire and energy. This is a good time to plan for the future while watching out for relationship patterns that may be holding you back from your truest purpose. Work to release doubt and fear and feelings of “not enough”. Try to focus your energy, instead, on what you want to build (with or without a partner).

Venus conjunct Pluto– this transit may increase the need for love and the desire to experience it on a deeper level. Sparks will be in the air; however, it is important to govern the power of this transit judiciously. Misuse of power through manipulation will create issues. Feelings of jealousy may also emerge; stalking and spying are not advisable and if you are considering an affair- serious repercussions can result. Healthy relationships may enjoy intense physical connections and a deepening of passion.

Mercury sextile Jupiter– this transit provides a broad outlook and excellent decision making skills that allow for clear understanding of the road ahead. Jupiter is the planet of luck and this transit fosters beautiful, positive thinking. Self expression is fostered during this time and diplomacy and tact will rule the day in all interactions making this an ideal time for signing business deals. Travel is also favored as both Mercury and Jupiter have rulership over travel.

12/8/21- Mars square Jupiter

This transit provides energy and initiative to start large-scale projects.

It is important to exercise thought and strategy to make best use of this surge of energy. Try to avoid acting impulsively without consideration of consequence.

This is not a great time to go on the attack; choose your battles wisely. Moderation of the Jupiter influence will prevent burnout or physical/emotional exhaustion.