10/13- Venus sextile Saturn

Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. With Venus (the planet that represents how we love) in this aspect to Saturn, we may be looking for stability and strength from our partners at this time.

With existing relationships, a deeper commitment or reassurance may be needed. New relationships are possible, but only those that are based on solid footing will flourish- only the serious minded need apply at this time.

Doing business is also favored; including investments, savings plans and anything else that stands on firm ground.

10/8- Sun conjunct Mars

Sun represents our vital life force and Mars is the fiery planet of action.

This transit brings an abundance of energy and initiative. It is important to allow this strong flux of energy an outlet or it could be turned negatively inward or expressed as anger in an outward manner.

You may notice an increase in irritation, impatience or annoyance. During this time, it is best to remain calm and do breath work when you sense a building up of emotion.

Mars loves activity, so funneling this boost of energy into physical or creative pursuits is favorable.

10/6- New Moon in Libra

Libra is associated with the element of air; ruling over thoughts, ideas, new ways forward. Libra is about balance and finding that balance between the new flowing in and the old ready to be released.

Libra is all about seeking the middle ground both within the self and in relationships in general. Libra rules the 7th House of Partnership. This is a great time to rebalance the energy of give and take in relationships; ensuring that you are taking care of your own needs as much as the needs of others.

During this New Moon, we also have four cosmic bodies in Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars) creating a stellium- brining the element of air strongly into our awareness.

10/1 Mercury rx (retrograde) square Pluto rx

This transit can lead to deep thinking and intense interactions with people. The more extreme your idea, or the more force you use to convince others, the more criticism and conflict you may meet.

There may be an inclination to become defensive during this transit- don’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner- it will only complicate matters. Try to take the high road, keep an open mind and ask yourself- “what lesson am I being shown here?” This will create a positive transformation within instead of unnecessary stress without.

Remember that when Mercury is in retrograde, communication issues can complicate things even more- take it slow and try to keep your energy close within you.

October Tarot Message

Nine of Pentacles reversed-

The air of change is here. You may be considering making that final leap out of the box you’ve been sitting inside- the time is now to release doubt and trust that you are being guided to something much more in line with your authentic divine purpose.

While leaving behind your old sense of security may feel overwhelming or daunting in some ways, the time is ripe now to do it in spite of your reservations. You cannot continue to grow until you decide to push away the old “walls of security” that you have been holding onto.

Embrace the future with an open heart. You are most definitely ready to explore the new that is awaiting you. You’ve worked so hard to reach this point in time; Universe says it is now the time to act. Step into your power and receive your blessings.