Tarot message- release ego

Nine of Swords crossed by Five of Swords

The argument you are having right now is with yourself. You are making things harder on yourself with this constant spinning of thought and ego based emotions (fear, anxiety, need to control). Release yourself from the hold the ego may be having- for these judgements that you are making of yourself are not assisting you in seeing the big picture. It is time to let go of the judgement of “should” or “not enough”; to let go of the need to control a situation so that you can manage the feelings associated with it; to let yourself have a break from ego driven thought and gain the space that you need to find the answers you seek… This constant judgement and self recrimination are not helping you at this time… try to release with compassion and loving kindness.

Animal spirit message- clear vision

Animal Spirit Guide: The Condor

Today is about taking a step back and finding space to see this situation with clarity. Allow your thoughts to quiet down, your hopes and wishes to slide into the silence…so that you can accurately see the landscape for what it is- without filter, without attachment. It is very important today to see and then accept what is, as what is. Pray for the strength to act upon your newfound knowledge with strength and bravery. Remember that whatever you see, it is for your highest good, it is truth and you will be better off for knowing it all-

Tarot message- focus on the blessings

Seven of Cups crossed by The Tower

Do not give up hope, all the loss and destruction you may have endured recently, or the abrupt changes to your life- altering your perspective have been leading you to this place, to this time… you are standing now, in this moment, in the exact place you are supposed to be… feeling exactly what you need to feel in order to gain the clarity you need to understand better your life mission: your divine purpose. Gifts and blessings are here, now, even if you cannot see them. Today, instead of despair- instead of focusing on the suffering- think of a few things for which you can give thanks. Gratitude will flow within it more of the same. Remember that you are alive, breathing, seeing, feeling.. you are special and you have a purpose… focus on the blessings, not the loss and see your life become peaceful and more balanced.

Angel message- health and renewal

Angel of Health

The year is closing out and many of us are taking a deep breath to incorporate the changes that have occurred- we are also meditating on goals and desired manifestations for 2020. It is time to find renewal within you. Now is the time to reflect, rest and renew. Give yourself time to heal, to dream, to release the past with a kind and gentle heart. You are more than what has happened, but what has happened has helped you gain the tools and wisdom you need to move into the next phase of your life. Show yourself kindness and compassion; give thanks for all you have gained and lost this year… move into the next decade with a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Angel message- challenges

Angel of Challenges

The transitions that you are going through may leave you reeling- like you cannot breath- like you are under water gasping for air… this is okay.. flow through whatever may be happening- remember that the challenges you are facing are paving the way for an amazing transformation. You are safe, you are good enough, you are loved and lovable… show yourself some compassion now- you are doing the very best you can… try to not hold onto that which is passing from you now- it is no longer meant for you and needs to leave… love and light to you as you face your challenges, as you accept your present situation with peace, as you walk with balance and grace into a bright and glowing 2020.