Tarot speaks- new beginnings are coming

Ace of swords
A new beginning! Fresh starts are around the corner now. Indulge in your inner visions, your dreams, your imaginings. The ground is fertile for manifestation now. Let your thoughts have the freedom to roam where they will- I have a feeling that you will not expect where they take you. Give in and enjoy the ride.

Divine message today

Five of Pentacles
Clarity will soon return and all that has happened will become suddenly clear. The outside world has created obstacles that you have had to overcome. These obstacles are important to your inner journey. Release whatever emotions and negative thoughts you might have developed with the understanding that you will soon understand the bigger picture.

Tarot message for today

Five of Pentacles reversed/ nine of cups reversed/ knight of swords
News is coming… I know it seems like things have been about loss, about doors closing, dealing with pain; but fresh ideas and good news is immanent. Hold on in faith for awhile longer. Remember to focus on your blessings- remind yourself of gratitude- what you are thankful for instead of what you’ve lost. Keep gratitude close and you will manifest better things than what is no longer. Let what was go- thoughts, feelings and expectations… then you can allow the flow of what is to be to envelop you. Things are happening… and you will soon understand why you had to let go of what was- what is meant to be is coming.


Happiness isn’t a thing, it isn’t found in a person, it isn’t something that can fly into out life or we swept out of it… rather, happiness lies within us- always available to us. Doors open and close all the time… highs and lows… victories and defeats… but when we stop clinging to the joyous highs and depressing lows- that’s when we find it- happiness. Living in the moment… releasing disappointment, and joy… letting go of ill will and hope…. and just being. That is happiness… it’s always there lingering below the surface. It’s always available to us.
May you incline towards your happiness, towards your peace today- no matter what doors open, or close… no matter what opportunities present or fly away… take a breath, meet the blue sky with present eyes and know that all is well.