Release yourself from judgement 🍂

Letting go means giving it up
Everyone marches on their own path
There is no right way
We must respect our journey enough
To follow it without question
Remembering that judgements made
By others are simply a reflection of their
Own questions about their own place
Within their own journey
We must release ourselves from doubt
And find peace in the knowing
That we are good enough

Abuse survivors and the need to control

Many common themes run through the lives of those who have suffered trauma in early childhood. Feelings of being out of control- issues in fact with control itself, are very common. Many survivors “pretend” they are stronger, more assertive and more in control than they actually feel… this mask gives a false sense of safety and security. Because it’s a facade, the pain of what happened is exacerbated by the mask that needs to be worn all the time. It’s an exhausting circle of hide and seek with the self and others.

Some people decide to grasp control through extensive discipline and reproach. Limiting of nutrients and sustenance through diet and exercise is a common way that unresolved issues with control manifest. ….Anorexia, bulimia, cutting, bruising…. all coping mechanisms meant to give this false sense of safety.

While the root of the issue with control is the silence that abuse engenders; the very idea of “speaking up” is difficult for some; especially if this method was tried before but the message fell on deaf ears.

Parents and loved ones don’t always deny an abuse story because they don’t believe it- the denial comes from their own sense of guilt and shame from being the person who “allowed it to happen”.

Denial and/or the lack of support-full understanding from those close create the feeling of a deficit within the abused person which leads to the desire to “replicate and change” the outcome of the abuse and subsequent reactions to the abuse by replaying it in present day situations with the hope that they are finally “good enough” to attain a different result. This is a self defeating exercise.

Trying to change a toxic situation into a positive one only fuels and triggers the toxicity already present. To change the situation, one must move from it.

Healing from trauma is a process that is constantly spiraling back to itself. We reach new levels of understanding as we revisit the pain to gain the extra wisdom hidden within.

We can only reach others as deeply as we reach ourselves. Survivors are the deepest healers because they have had to reach deep within themselves, to the darkest spots; soothing them with loving kindness, compassion, joy and freedom (the four elements of love).

~acknowledge, accept, release, repeat~

If you are a survivor looking for more, looking for a place of safety within yourself, looking for a divine purpose…. find your breathe… silence your mind… and allow the universe to reside inside.

With love

Your inner healer 🌱

My mission is to help ease suffering from long standing secrets, traumas and pain.

Healing begins from within. We all need to find the space to release childhood traumas, inaccurate thought tracks and dis-ease

The Intuitive Healing session (which includes reiki and intuitive card reading) can help you find clarity; as the universe shows you what you need to see to embrace your divine grace and peace.

These healing sessions combined with meditation and ritual can help you maintain your connection to your divine higher self. Maintaining the space that allows for clarity is key to unlocking your inner healer and reaching deeper into self love.

It’s time to let go of suffering, unload your burdens so you can embrace the peace, stability, joy and love you deserve. You have within you the keys to unlock the hidden places within you now.

You are not alone.

On the Lionsgate

I am thankful for my guides- my new guide has reached me today during this portal and I am opening to new sights and experiences. My fear sits alongside- as a friend and not a foe. Lessons flow now through horn and tusk as my animal guides greet me at the doorway to my new world. Mercy be upon all spirits who dwell here… may I find a place among you, in friendship and in peace.

Healing vibrations are opening now at levels that I’ve never felt as the energy flows down through my crown, clearing my mind’s eye and opening my speech. Green, this energy touches my heart, relieving and renewing- gracing my heart with clarity to flow through and beyond that which has been a source of grief-understanding that all is as it should be. And moving into my power center, illuminating past fears and uncertainties; I embrace my fullness and my health.
Finally as it flows gently through that shame- painful memories once locked within- now light and soft; relieving the fear that lingers for a future that is as certain and uncertain as the moon- I can finally let go.

Flowing back up I release my doubt and embrace my truest self.