Are you ready to give up what hurts you?

Are you ready to give up what hurts you?

The question is more complicated than it appears. There are so many ways our traumas play out in our lives; so many areas touched and altered by the experiences we undergo, the pain we process, by the support (or lack of it) we receive in dealing with the events and the ensuing emotions that accompany them.

Iteration after iteration of these traumas shape how we view ourselves and the world- down to a very cellular level. Difficult events echo in our vibrational field and manifest; settling into our emotions and how we handle these emotions, into our personality and how we interact with our loved ones and others and how we view ourselves. When these pains and painful events are allowed to manifest and make a home within our divine being, our personality becomes altered by them- similar to how a tree bends to find a light source, we are bent when we encounter and then hold onto these traumas and emotionally distressing situations.

So when we talk about letting go of the things in our life that cause us ill health, we are really talking about removing the attachments these traumas have made to our divine being. The fault lines, the shifts, the bending that traumatic events cause in our conscious reality are really impermanent… they are not us, they are what happened to us. This is an important differentiation.

When we decide to remove the attachment these traumas have made to our divine being, we are allowing our divinity to straighten, to re-align, to grow stronger. We don’t need to hold onto these events or the ensuing shifts that they cause to our consciousness. We are in essence, freeing our divine body from the events that happen in our earthly experience that bind us to lower vibrational energy.

Within this understanding lies the gift of wisdom and healing. As we grow as light workers, as energy healers, as travelers on the path to enlightenment we re-unite with our divine purpose and potentiality.

Should you wish to learn more about how to release yourself from your past, from your traumas, from your pains- remember that it starts with one question, “are you ready to give up what hurts you?” . Aura clearing or psychic surgery can help you to gain the wisdom hidden within the traumas you’ve experienced.

Lighten your load, release your heart, encourage your light to glow.


A message for today

Page of cups
Today allow the stillness of mercury retrograde fill your heart with understanding and clarity. New voices are singing…. listen in the distance to the whispers that float in the wind that is your path. A new day dawns and what we reap we now sow. Blessings and salutations on this peaceful and introspective day. Give thanks to your guides for helping you get here.

Chakra balancing

Chakras represent and govern each of the centers of spiritual power within our bodies. When a chakra becomes “stuck” a buildup of energy collects within that area of power; creating emotional turmoil, and physical manifestation.

It is important to understand the interplay and careful balance that governs a free and flowing energy center.

The Root Chakra, located near the tailbone, represents security and is blocked by fear. Many times, deep rooted trauma lies within this center blocking flow; leaving behind a sense of fear and insecurity that can lead to depression.

The Sacral Chakra, located near the navel, represents pleasure and is blocked by guilt. This can lead to issues pertaining to sexuality, emotional vulnerability and pain. Traumas dealing with sexual assault/mistreatment commonly block this energy center.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, located in the solar plexus region, represents power and is blocked by shame. Many people carry feelings of unworthiness will find this chakra blocked. When this area is not aligned, we find it difficult to try new things, we lack the confidence to speak our truth, and we easily find ourselves in unbalanced relationships.

The Heart Chakra is the “connector” bringing together the lower three energy centers with the higher three. The heart chakra represents love and is blocked by grief.

The Throat Chakra, located in the throat area, deals with truth and is blocked by lies. This typically corresponds with other blockages such as solar plexus, or sacral. Many times, when we don’t believe in our truth, when we don’t feel worthy to be heard, we avoid speaking it or make up things that are not true to “protect ourselves”. Many times, we don’t even understand why we withhold our truth, it just seems natural. If you were to meditate on this area and it was blocked, you might picture black ooze from your throat as a sign that you have blockages.

The Third Eye Chakra is located between your eyes on your forehead. This deals with enlightenment and is blocked by illusion. If you are too focused on what others think, if you don’t take enough time in quiet endeavors such as meditation, or if you just don’t listen to your inner voice, your third eye might be blocked. During meditation, you can picture your third eye like a crystal ball, and watch as the smoke and debris clear out.

The Crown Chakra is the final energy center in your body. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment. The more you practice letting go, accepting and finding peace within whatever storm might be brewing, the more you will find your Crown Chakra opening and clearing.


Under every snow covered branch lays dormant a bud just awaiting spring

Late Winter snow…heavy and full of moisture; weighs down the bushes, that patiently await the blossoms of spring.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because they seem delayed. Mercury retrograde asks us to take this time to renew… spring will arrive on wings of songbirds soon enough.

Repressed emotion

When we distract ourselves from situations so we don’t have to think about them; emotions swell just beneath. These emotions are allowed to run wild and cause us to strongly react to those we love.

All pain eventually leads to anger because we get tired of feeling the pain and we get mad at ourselves for feeling it- it becomes shame for not being able to stop it. This repressed anger then spills over into our lives leaving us confused as to why we just over reacted, yelled, exploded.

It is important to connect with the emotion before it turns to anger; or to understand that the anger is masking something deeper. Once we can isolate the emotion, it’s secrets as to why it is yelling becomes clear.

Repressed emotions, unaccounted for, create physical manifestations; first in the form of stress in our face and neck… then leading to stomach issues as it gets pushed down deeper. Prolonged forced ignorance of these emotional factors can lead to illness, depression and fatigue.