On the Lionsgate

I am thankful for my guides- my new guide has reached me today during this portal and I am opening to new sights and experiences. My fear sits alongside- as a friend and not a foe. Lessons flow now through horn and tusk as my animal guides greet me at the doorway to my new world. Mercy be upon all spirits who dwell here… may I find a place among you, in friendship and in peace.

Healing vibrations are opening now at levels that I’ve never felt as the energy flows down through my crown, clearing my mind’s eye and opening my speech. Green, this energy touches my heart, relieving and renewing- gracing my heart with clarity to flow through and beyond that which has been a source of grief-understanding that all is as it should be. And moving into my power center, illuminating past fears and uncertainties; I embrace my fullness and my health.
Finally as it flows gently through that shame- painful memories once locked within- now light and soft; relieving the fear that lingers for a future that is as certain and uncertain as the moon- I can finally let go.

Flowing back up I release my doubt and embrace my truest self.

Thoughts on healing

Interesting…. while we honor our mothers today, it’s important to also honor our own journey. The faults of others play out within our lives as we heal from childhood. Our mothers may not have been perfect, we may not be perfect as mothers, but we can continue on the journey of healing by accepting and releasing what does not serve us. It’s time to remove the cords that connect us to childhood perceptions played upon us by other souls also in the process of healing.

~Love to all~

~Tarot today~

Three of Wands reversed/ six of swords/ judgement
It’s time to move on from thoughts and worry surrounding an important life calling change you have been making. You are being urged to let go of these thoughts of lack and concern. Judgement is coming and you will reap all the rewards of your hard work. This is a true life calling for you and success is just near. Stop letting doubt and worry hold you back. The universe had spoken and you must move forward now in faith. Let go and just believe.


Happiness isn’t a thing, it isn’t found in a person, it isn’t something that can fly into out life or we swept out of it… rather, happiness lies within us- always available to us. Doors open and close all the time… highs and lows… victories and defeats… but when we stop clinging to the joyous highs and depressing lows- that’s when we find it- happiness. Living in the moment… releasing disappointment, and joy… letting go of ill will and hope…. and just being. That is happiness… it’s always there lingering below the surface. It’s always available to us.
May you incline towards your happiness, towards your peace today- no matter what doors open, or close… no matter what opportunities present or fly away… take a breath, meet the blue sky with present eyes and know that all is well.

message for today

Time to find your balance and do the things necessary to maintain it. Fast from screen time, toxins, junk food, negative people. Messages are ready to flow into and through you- clear and cleanse your system to best receive. New days are dawning- embrace your change, release the past, create ritual to let go.