Reiki & animals

I find that animals benefit from energy healing as much as humans do. My oldest dog, Jack, is about 10 years old now. Being a larger breed dog, Great Pyrenees, he suffers more than smaller dogs with joint pain.

I use Reiki therapy on him as we lay down to watch tv at night, or even while I am relaxing on the sofa. Gentle touch can help alleviate pain, but can also help with stress and anxiety that lingers from being alone during the day or other stressors animals can undergo while their humans are away.

Removing energetic attachments from an animal can also help brighten their spirit and lift their mood. Sometimes animals will develop these attachments from other dogs or people who pet them. Energy leaves traces, so if a human is dealing with unpleasant thoughts/feelings they can transpose that energy onto their animal. Reiki can help “cut” those unintentional energetic ties that have developed and clear the aura of the animal.