Angel message- success

Angel of Success

Growth and stability mark this new year. We are in a “4” year now (2+0+2+0) allowing us the space to manifest our dreams and create the life that lies more in line with our true self. Know that you are exactly where you need to be. Embrace all the changes and lessons from last year- and from the last few years… now is the time to build- create- dream…

Tarot message- end of year

Seven of swords crossed by ace of pentacles

New opportunities arise out of old mistakes…. embrace these changes with an open mind. Do not allow the suffering of the past, especially where your heart or trust is concerned, weigh down your forward movement. Instead embrace these changes with optimism and hope. You are being guided to greater things. Speak your truth and don’t allow anyone to tell you you’re not enough. The time to embrace your courage and passion is now.

Angel message: challenges

Angel of Challenges

Just as we must understand suffering to fully embrace happiness, challenges arise so that we can better stabilize our core for what is ahead… blessings are flowing, truth is resounding… look upon all your obstacles as lessons in the way forward… remember that each time the road looks blocked, we are given another puzzle piece guiding us to our next steps… embrace challenge and truth… with love and compassion

Tarot message- release to accept

Temperance crossed by The Sun

Through balance all things are possible. We must first quiet the mind, then we embrace the emotion, finally we release notions of duality- this and that…. good and bad…. being and non being. All things flow when the water is free to journey on its own. Find compassion through suffering and embrace gratitude and thanks for what is here in this “now” time. Old methods of coping with pain and anger, with challenge and opportunity are no longer valid. Instead release yourself into the moment- honoring all that is- and is not-as simply that. You are able to powerfully manifest through letting go now. Release to accept.

Tarot message- a different way

The fool crossed by the devil

Take care of getting stuck in a situation that is no longer serving you. It is quite possible the train has left the station and you are still waiting for it to arrive. Holding onto things we think we need prevents what is ours from being fully realized. New options are arising, but require you to change, grow, accept some things as truth. Once you embrace these things from which you’ve been running you will see a different way.