Ascended masters today

You have lost the thread amidst your current challenges and you are being called to refocus yourself…. remember your power to create and manifest and place all your attention there. Leave all this questioning and doubt behind you. Leave your stress and strain at your own feet as you move into a mindset of blessings and gratitude… put down your worries- immediately- and re-embrace your gifts. This is about refocusing now. Stop spinning and breathe in your divine.

Ascended masters today

The inner work is calling you. Clean and clear your mind- find the peace you need to hear the guides and ancestors that speak to you. Stop thinking so much and let your intuition assist you. It’s time to heal and rebalance your energy. Find peace within.

Oracle card message for today

The ancients are calling…. you have something to take care of here. It’s time to begin this important task… take a deep breath, ground your feet into earthy energy, release your fears and start this process. You are the only one who can direct your destiny…. tune out what others want, what they might think- and just go! Even if it seems crazy, even if those around you might judge your actions- remember no one understands your journey but you…. let your freak flag fly and embrace your path.

Oracle messages today

Another set of reversed cards. This means that these messages resonate deep within ourselves. What are you holding yourself back from doing? Is there a class of course you wish to take? Is there a relationship in your life you are afraid to begin, or end? Do not let the vast unknown keep you from moving forward. Remember that we are all divine beings having a human experience- we are all connected, and through love, we can all rejoin the collective energy. Put away your fears and release yourself.

Ascended masters today

Purification of mind and body is called for at this time. Release what is no longer serving you. Old patterns, toxic relationships, limiting self-talk… clear and cleanse these things from your life now. Purge the old to make room for what’s true. It’s time to grow… become the flower and bloom.