Tarot message: do not react today- get a broader perspective

Justice crossed by knight of swords

News may come today- good or bad- it matters not. Take in what you are told and do not immediately react. Now is the time to consider, not speak. Sit with this news, allow your emotions time to clear their energy and then gain a broader view- what is your end goal? What do you want to see manifest and how can this news assist you? Do not worry; know that you are being guided to a bigger purpose- let life unfold mystery without attachment to outcome.

Spirit animal message: condor

Spirit animal message: condor

Take a step back today- observe without reaction- just listen deeply to what your body is telling you, what your emotions are saying, to what your thought formations are showing you. You cannot always have the perspective you need to see the bigger picture and that is okay- today, do try though to separate your ego and expectations from the situation… take deeply cleansing breaths and soar above it all to see things without attachment. You will gain much needed clarity.

Tarot message: just because you cannot see the path ahead doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Keep walking

Nine of pentacles reversed crossed by six of swords

Times are changing and the shifts we have been preparing for are now starting to manifest. It is important to look upon these changes with an open and accepting heart. You may feel uneasy about how things will manifest- it is okay- just for today- sit back and allow the universe to unfold for you. Just because you don’t fully see the path ahead doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Keep the faith and keep walking.

Tarot message- cycles are completing

Ten of pentacles crossed by nine of wands

Cycles are completing and karmic ties release us now. While the move may feel uneasy, even scary, know that the transitions you will experience now are for your highest and best good. You are growing beyond and expanding within. Embrace what comes with an open acceptance. You are being guided to things more in line with your truest and deepest purpose.

Spirit animal message: emu

Spirit animal message: emu

Emu finds us again to remind us that we have but one turn of this life before we are transformed into something new. Keep striving, keep reaching, keep growing. The lessons you accumulate on this road are leading you to deeper truth- embrace the far fetched, the absurd, the fantastical. You may find that these words do not accurately reflect the truth of what is. Release doubt and allow yourself space to imagine. Truth is yours- be brave and look beyond the foundation.