Angel message for today

Angels of the universe

The angels of the universe remind us that we are all connected in a divine energetic way. Our beings remain connected to this divine source by way of our soul. Embrace the divine within yourself and allow this connectivity to promote within you a broader sense of compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

Angel messages

Angel of remembrance

It’s okay to miss those who have passed on. These loved ones may even still be with you in spirit- remember the lessons learned from these influential people that have touched your life. Try speaking to them if you are lonely or alone and watch for signs in nature as they respond. Energy never leaves- it is simply transformed.

Angel of love

Angel of love

Don’t hold yourself back from giving and accepting love. It is important to keep your heart open, even through pain- for love can wash away heartache and fill your being with light. Remember to work on forgiveness of others and of yourself so that you can truly embrace the love that your angels and guides are sending you today to heal.

Oracle message for today

Sometimes holding onto pain and headache only creates more pain and heartache. It may be time to let it go; release what weighs you down. Release these thoughts and feelings by acknowledging and accepting them. Let the feelings flow…. then be done with them. Whatever you are holding onto isn’t really gone- it’s just been transmuted; it still remains.

Message from the oracle

The present is ripe for healing. Energy is flowing and messages from our guides are getting through now. Let go of what was…. change is brining in new ways of being and becoming. You must take the time to acknowledge all your sides- not just the “good” “happy” things- but also the pain and suffering that lingers within you. This is where you will gain your wisdom at this time.