2021 a year of change

As we move into 2021- a “5” year of change it is important that we take time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned for we will be asked to make the necessary decisions moving forward that are aligned with those lessons and the insight we’ve gained. We are walking into our truest purpose- we are coming into union with our truest self. This alignment is divine.
Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Remember to hold loving kindness, compassion, joy and space for yourself and others.
Thank you friends for sharing this enlightening year with me. I think back on the Saturday lives during lockdown, the many remote healing sessions over zoom, all the wonderful reiki and tarot classes we shared & learning to connect on a deeper and more profound level.

I send you all love and look forward to a deepening 2021 journey.
With love,


I am entering into a new spiritual and psychic age
I am releasing the constraints of this lifetime that have kept me bound
I am becoming through this unbecoming
and I embrace this freedom with faith
✨I am that I am✨