Full moon tarot message

Five of swords reversed

On this full moon- we are being called to look honestly at our mindset, thought patterns and words we use to communicate to both ourselves and others. During this time of great karmic clearing it is necessary to see the truth of a situation instead of what we were told to believe or what we hope to be true. It is time to put down the old patterns and constructs so that we may embrace a more clear and full picture of why we are here, of our true purpose during this human experience and how we can help create a more peaceful life both within and without. It’s time to let go and embrace what is- with love and compassion; with forgiveness and kindness. Allow today’s full moon to help lighten your load, uplift your heart and brighten your way forward-

Tarot message- listen to the whispers

Justice crossed by Queen of Pentacles

There is more yet to be found by searching within. More truth lingers still within the folds and whispers of the heart. Keep peeling back the layers, no matter the pain and uncomfortable feelings that may arise. This is your task now- to complete- to reform the circle and then step outside of it. You are being led- trust the path.

Tarot message – steady and surefooted

Eight of Wands crossed by Queen of Pentacles

As the influx of energy emerges for release, as old paradigms continue to shift, we are being asked to remain steady and surefooted. It may feel like darkness has descended; that light may never again return- this is all part of the cleansing process and do not lose hope. Keep steady and keep moving- this will all make sense soon.

Tarot message- you know the way

The Chariot crossed by King of Swords

Your direction, while maybe not clear, is present- as you walk your steps lead you closer and closer to that which you desire to see manifest. It is important to hold true to your beliefs and ideas now. It’s like running on a balance beam- don’t look down- just trust that your feet will remain fastened… and if by chance you fall- there may be gifts upon the ground that are meant for you. Walk in faith- speak with kindness and authority- you know- so just trust and keep going.

One card pull- Queen of pentacles rx


Queen of pentacles reversed

It’s okay to experience the feeling of sadness- sadness is natural. It is okay to feel guilt, grief, anger, dissatisfaction… but remember that these feelings are fleeting. They are not you- separate what comes up for you to clear from the divine being you are. When we allow ourselves to fall into the feeling we get stuck… observe the emotion- listen deeply to it- what is it telling you? Then let it go. We are all feeling off a bit with all these retrogrades- plus misinformation and fear circulating. Give yourself space to be where you are- don’t judge- just be… then center your mind on gratitude- on the breath that still runs through your lungs- on the heart that pumps your blood- remember you are still here- getting to experience all these emotions- and give thanks.