~Tarot today

Six of swords/ ten of Pentacles/ knight of cups
Changes are upon you. Your life is no longer going to look like you have been used to. Material alterations to your financial well-being and work space are coming in a positive way. It’s time to rebalance the heart and mind to make room for this newness. Leave old thought patterns behind. What once was truth, now is transformed into another perspective- let go of the past. Cups remind us to keep our emotions in check and to always remain grateful. Balance now is key… hold true to your path- all is unfolding as it should.

~Tarot today~

Three of Wands reversed/ six of swords/ judgement
It’s time to move on from thoughts and worry surrounding an important life calling change you have been making. You are being urged to let go of these thoughts of lack and concern. Judgement is coming and you will reap all the rewards of your hard work. This is a true life calling for you and success is just near. Stop letting doubt and worry hold you back. The universe had spoken and you must move forward now in faith. Let go and just believe.

Believe in magic- tarot today

Three of swords reversed/ the star/ three of Pentacles reversed
Threes indicate a total transformation appearing around a life plan, a life purpose, a destined relationship. Reversed cards can indicate a need to look within and clear out any lingering fear or insecurity. It’s time to release that which holds you back- within yourself. It’s time to let go of outdated thinking and let your true nature shine. Believe in magic-

Tarot today

Nine of swords reversed/ the lovers/ six of Wands
Rumi’s quote “you’ve seen my descent now watch my rising” may be applicable to a close relationship today. You may have a loved one who has been feeling unhappy; or perhaps you are the one who has been suffering. Know that this is impermanent. There is a turn around coming where your loved one, or yourself, will suddenly gain some clarity and find the direction that’s been needed. Spirits are rising and a new day dawns. Have faith that the wheel is turning and things are on the mend.