Message from the oracle

The present is ripe for healing. Energy is flowing and messages from our guides are getting through now. Let go of what was…. change is brining in new ways of being and becoming. You must take the time to acknowledge all your sides- not just the “good” “happy” things- but also the pain and suffering that lingers within you. This is where you will gain your wisdom at this time.

Ascended masters today

You have lost the thread amidst your current challenges and you are being called to refocus yourself…. remember your power to create and manifest and place all your attention there. Leave all this questioning and doubt behind you. Leave your stress and strain at your own feet as you move into a mindset of blessings and gratitude… put down your worries- immediately- and re-embrace your gifts. This is about refocusing now. Stop spinning and breathe in your divine.

Messages of change

Seven of Pentacles reversed/ four of swords reversed/ queen of cups reversed
Challenges are here…. the full moon brings to light those things that must change. There is no escaping these changes; there is no bargaining to be done with the universe… what is happening now is divine intercession… it’s time to accept and allow these changes to run their course- meaning feel through the uncomfortable emotions that come up. The fear- the anxiety- the anger… let them spill up and out… right now work on releasing as you incline towards peace at the same time. This is not an east feat… breathe through it, and remember that you are where you are supposed to be, learning a lesson very important to your growth. Give thanks and flow through.

Tarot message for today

Nine of swords reversed/ four of swords reversed/ nine of cups reversed
Let go of negative thought patterns and outdated notions of self. Old wounds and trauma is clearing. You are being called on to find the positives in your life. Fill your heart with gratitude and remain watchful of thoughts that are no longer aligned with the new vibration you have accessed. Take time to rest so you can create space to release. Remember anicca- all things are impermanent. Let go with grace.

Tarot message for today

Four of Pentacles reversed/ the Hanged man/ strength reversed
The Hanged man sits between opposites today. Four of Pentacles reversed signifies a release of fear: this is balanced by strength reversed which indicates lack of courage. These are important elements to balance of the spirit. It is time to embrace the sadness, the fear, the lack- embrace these for what they are- accept them- with the understanding that you are more than these feelings. Remain true, walk steady and keep your level raised and faith strong. You are transiting emotionally and how you view yourself is changing. Believe in your path and you will emerge wiser from these inner challenges.