Angel message- challenges

Angel of Challenges

The transitions that you are going through may leave you reeling- like you cannot breath- like you are under water gasping for air… this is okay.. flow through whatever may be happening- remember that the challenges you are facing are paving the way for an amazing transformation. You are safe, you are good enough, you are loved and lovable… show yourself some compassion now- you are doing the very best you can… try to not hold onto that which is passing from you now- it is no longer meant for you and needs to leave… love and light to you as you face your challenges, as you accept your present situation with peace, as you walk with balance and grace into a bright and glowing 2020.

Tarot message- refocus thought

Four of Pentacles reversed crossed by Queen of Cups

It is time to put down the worries and concerns. Your focus is possibly in the wrong place right now to truly manifest what it is you desire. Refocus your thoughts on those things that are meaningful in a positive way- you cannot change the past and you cannot control all circumstance- but you can look at things from a different perspective where your thoughts focus on love and gratitude instead of lack and longing. Remember that where you place your focus, is where your energy flows… be mindful of your thought patterns and when you experience a negative thought- replace it with something positive instead.

Messages from spirit guides- roadrunner

Roadrunner reminds us that joy is a necessary part of loving ourselves. It can be difficult when we are growing and unpacking past traumas & life events to keep a light perspective- remember that we are a divine being experiencing humanness- give yourself space to find peace- you can pick the burdens up again down the line… let go and decide to allow yourself joy today- no matter what might be happening around you. Remember you are here now- and existing is the only truth that holds sway- exhale and smile through your eyes giving thanks for your breath.
Blessings today. 🌱💫🙏

Tarot message- balance through change

Death reversed crossed by Ten of Pentacles

Environmental changes may have you feeling dizzy and unsure. Tens represent that quiet time within the transition between completion and renewal. Know that anything happening, any changes to your “outside” reality are for your highest good. You are being guided towards greater good. Listen and believe- messages about next steps are flowing now. It is okay to feel uncertain, to feel afraid, to feel off balance… just do not allow these feelings to overtake your inner peace. Balance is important now as you flow into the changes. Feel the feeling, but do not become it… all things will change and when you finally emerge from this transitional cocoon- you will glow differently and at a higher vibration for these changes are moving you towards your higher good.

Angel message- determination

Angel of Determination

It is time to push through doubt, to keep your head down and continue moving forward- one step at a time. Find peace in the silence of your being and let doubt & uncertainty wash over you without allowing it in… you are in a most excellent position right now and will find the answers and success you desire… keep going- persevere through doubt, through uncertainty by acknowledging the fear, but not eating it- by accepting the doubt, but not internalizing it… this is exactly where you need to be- let it flow and follow your path forward- it is already laid at your feet- you just have to keep walking…