Today Mercury moves into Aquarius & Venus into Capricorn

Mercury enters Aquarius-

Mercury loves to be in Aquarius as it fosters the ability to see things from an open minded and reflective perspective. The key is to allow enough space to see things from a distance to gain greater clarity. Thoughts and plans that were formed while Mercury was in Capricorn can now take flight.

Venus enters Capricorn-

Venus moves from expansive Sagitarrius into Capricorn where notions of love will become much more grounded and structured. Focus on fidelity, down to earth demonstrations of affection and talks of the future will begin to emerge. There may also be clarity on direction- and if you and your loved one are moving in the same direction with the same goals.

2021 a year of change

As we move into 2021- a “5” year of change it is important that we take time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned for we will be asked to make the necessary decisions moving forward that are aligned with those lessons and the insight we’ve gained. We are walking into our truest purpose- we are coming into union with our truest self. This alignment is divine.
Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Remember to hold loving kindness, compassion, joy and space for yourself and others.
Thank you friends for sharing this enlightening year with me. I think back on the Saturday lives during lockdown, the many remote healing sessions over zoom, all the wonderful reiki and tarot classes we shared & learning to connect on a deeper and more profound level.

I send you all love and look forward to a deepening 2021 journey.
With love,


I am entering into a new spiritual and psychic age
I am releasing the constraints of this lifetime that have kept me bound
I am becoming through this unbecoming
and I embrace this freedom with faith
✨I am that I am✨

Full Moon in Cancer

May the Cancer Moon send silver luminescent rays of healing light down through your crown chakra and into your heart so you may open more fully to the eternal now that is within you.
Have a blessed Full Moon- embrace the magic of this final full moon as we journey into a new energetic year.


I embrace the chord and core of my higher self
I embrace the center of the noise within me that is completely silent
I fortify that silence with loving attention
I water the seeds of self compassion and grace
I release compulsion by regularly cleansing my body
I release the need to please others at my own expense
I replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of love and gratitude

Full Moon in Pisces ♓️

Full Moon 9/2 in Pisces
With the full Moon in dreamy Water sign, Pisces, we are going to be diving into the depths of our intuition, dreams and inner knowing. There may be inspirational ah-ha moments that add clarity and much needed color to the very steady and organized Virgo Sun energy. The full Moon invites us to listen deeply to the quietest parts of ourselves and honor what wisdom is given.

During this emotionally deep full Moon, the Sun will also fall into positive aspect with Uranus (the planet of sudden change and freedom), creating opportunity for out of the box thinking and experimental solutions to both internal and external obstacles.

September tarot message

Five of Swords- This year has had its challenges for sure and now that we complete the final month of the third quarter, we are being asked to take a step back and evaluate our thought processes and direction. We may be trying to win situations that are no longer worth the fight. It is time to shift, to change our thinking so that we can re-balance with the coming of Autumn and the final three months of 2020. Change may be in order, and this change may not be super pleasant- as we may be forced now to look at how we have been treating our sensitive inner nature- as well as how we interact with those around us… it may be time to stop trying to win- and just walk away.