Tarot message for today

The magician reversed/ queen of Wands/ five of Pentacles

You are the manifestor, bringing to life ideas and desires… though lately you may be experiencing a lack of direction, personal power or perhaps you are just off your routine and rituals. This full moon brings change as the eclipses ushered in a new cleansing energy both mentally and emotionally. It is time to once again grow… you are more than your limitations… the landscape upon which you stand has changed- raise your thoughts and feelings to match this new vibration. Today- do something different to shake it up. Embrace the changes as they are in your highest and best good.

Tarot message for today

Wheel of fortune reversed
It might feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back right now. In fact, events may be happen or may still yet happen that seem to be riddled with misfortune and strife. Breathe through these changes. Eclipse energy tends to come in and shake things up – releasing what no longer serves us. It also forces us to give up things that we think we desire but are not good for us. So while the wheel may turn, allow for these changes with an open mind. Nothing comes that you cannot handle and all misfortune carries the gift of wisdom.

Tarot message…. delays and going within

The empress reversed/ eight of Wands reversed/ death reversed

A second day of heavy messages from the universe. Empress reversed and death reversed show up yet again… what changes do you need to make? These cards suggest a strong need to change things up. You may be feeling stuck, your energy slowed, things don’t seem to be moving. With mercury retrograde just around the corner, these feelings are so much stronger too. Change is inevitable, but for right now take time to really dive into your own thinking…. what do you need to release? What situations are you possibly looking at from a selfish perspective? Empress reversed indicates a need to look within at those parts of yourself that may need some fine tuning. Expect continued delays-breathe through these challenges knowing that you can improve yourself by taking the time to be honest.

Tarot today

The devil/ justice reversed/ ten of Wands

Take a second look at what you’ve been up to. There may be a way of thinking or actions you are currently doing that mirror and old outdated perspective. Something isn’t adding up and you need to look closer to find what behaviors might not be healthy for you anymore- then you need to release. It’s time to clean house.

Tarot wisdom today

Ace of swords crossed by ten of swords
Change is inevitable- we cannot grow until we learn to stop fearing change and embrace it as a friend. New thoughts and experiences have taken root and are beginning to manifest and grow. This is not the time to fight, but rather flow. Remember that impermanence is the only constant. Excellent opportunity awaits you. Live in the moment, breathe in your change and accept the wisdom and blessings that are yours.