Tarot today

Queen of Pentacles/ eight of Pentacles reversed/ judgement
You have been working so hard to manifest your desires. It may seem like you are being delayed, set back, spinning your wheels. Universe wants you to know that you are almost there and things will begin to settle soon. The work you are doing now will shortly show the results you wish. Keep moving forward, you are almost there. I TRUST MY PATH

Ascended masters today

Ascended masters focus today on the throat chakra… don’t hold yourself back- speak your truth… believe in your voice, in your intuition, in your gifts. Shine like Amaterasu! You are a divine being having your own unique human experience! Dwell there, be present, find gratitude and embrace your inner knowing.

~Tarot today

Six of swords/ ten of Pentacles/ knight of cups
Changes are upon you. Your life is no longer going to look like you have been used to. Material alterations to your financial well-being and work space are coming in a positive way. It’s time to rebalance the heart and mind to make room for this newness. Leave old thought patterns behind. What once was truth, now is transformed into another perspective- let go of the past. Cups remind us to keep our emotions in check and to always remain grateful. Balance now is key… hold true to your path- all is unfolding as it should.

Tarot message today

Three of cups reversed/ three of Wands reversed/ the magician reversed
Disappointment, delays, frustration and a lack of personal power. These are all at play today. Perhaps a situation with others hasn’t manifested in the way you thought it might. Frustration and disappointment are strong today. Take time to look within yourself and take notice of how your thoughts and actions might be playing into this situation. Consider your patterns, thoughts and feelings, and then connect how these patterns might be impacting this situation.