On Mabon- the Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox (also called Mabon) is a harvest festival celebrating balance, the natural cycles of death and transition, and gathering the rewards of what we have sown during the year. It is a time when night and day stand in equal duration and in perfect equilibrium- dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer- all in balance and in peace. Mabon stands on the very cusp of transition; so from today on, the year edges towards completion as the darkness defeats the light. The cycle of the natural world begins to come to an end and we are called upon to release what has passed with gratitude and acceptance.

This harvest includes giving thanks for the lessons that we have learned over the past year. Mabon’s symbolic call to thoughts of balance allow us to take the space we need to ponder what should be released over this next quarter as the leaves slowly fall from their branches and the touch of winter’s cold fingers grip the landscape.

Change is inevitable; find your own space to acknowledge and accept that which is no longer. Give thanks for all the blessings and lessons learned from the year and find joy in the cycle of nature that reminds of us our own divine natural experience and inevitable passing. Remember that life remains in this moment; what has passed is but an echo and the future is not guaranteed- embrace the present for peace and stability; hope and constancy.

Today, take time to meditate on the balance between light and shadow that lingers within you. Write a list of all that you are grateful for in your life now and that which you wish to release as the Wheel of Life turns towards endings and darkness. Remember that all things are impermanent and this impermanence gives way to freedom and change. Breath deeply and accept what has passed, what is passing and what will soon become.

peace and love,

On the Lionsgate

I am thankful for my guides- my new guide has reached me today during this portal and I am opening to new sights and experiences. My fear sits alongside- as a friend and not a foe. Lessons flow now through horn and tusk as my animal guides greet me at the doorway to my new world. Mercy be upon all spirits who dwell here… may I find a place among you, in friendship and in peace.

Healing vibrations are opening now at levels that I’ve never felt as the energy flows down through my crown, clearing my mind’s eye and opening my speech. Green, this energy touches my heart, relieving and renewing- gracing my heart with clarity to flow through and beyond that which has been a source of grief-understanding that all is as it should be. And moving into my power center, illuminating past fears and uncertainties; I embrace my fullness and my health.
Finally as it flows gently through that shame- painful memories once locked within- now light and soft; relieving the fear that lingers for a future that is as certain and uncertain as the moon- I can finally let go.

Flowing back up I release my doubt and embrace my truest self.