11/8/22- Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury opposed Uranus

This will be an intense Full Moon. The Sun will be working with you in terms of how you communicate, see and express the new perspective that is now integrating into your consciousness. But with Mercury in opposition to Uranus, you may receive unexpected news, realizations or difficult truths that you will be asked to accept.

The Full Moon in Taurus creates a beautiful counterbalance between the intricate energy of Scorpio Sun and the simplistic nature of Taurus Moon. At this interface of duality we are urged to surrender our attention to the senses; remembering that even through the most extreme and intense situations, we can find simplicity in breath, touch, and sense- embracing the NOW.

This Full Moon is about releasing complications and grounding our energy into the Earth Mother for relief, release and renewed peace. Eclipses bring about fated events and circumstances. You cannot fight what is happening, you must learn to surrender and find peace in the flow.

6/14/22- Full Moon in Sagittarius

Unlike the New Moon (which is about starting something new) the Full Moon is about reflecting on what was planted six months ago and how it is developing & manifesting.

When the Moon is full in far-seeing Sagittarius, the Sun is in near-sighted Gemini. Both these signs pertain to ideas and information. We must learn to balance the here and now with our future goals and plans.

Think back to the New Moon in Sagittarius in the beginning of December, what seeds did you plant then? What can you do now to nurture and grow them?

Now is the time to focus your attention on fostering your long term goals and higher principles.

5/16/22- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Moons are about letting go and in Scorpio this means Scorpio-type themes of fear, obsession, control & early trauma.

We allow the light of the Full Moon to reveal to us what has been hidden in the dark. During this Full Moon in Scorpio- the Sun is in Taurus…both of these signs are concerned with security- Scorpio with emotional security and Taurus physical security. This Full Moon gifts us an opportunity to experience some form of imbalance pertaining to our sense of security so we can reflect and remedy that imbalance- letting go of the doubt and fear that may be holding us back.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it is a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses speed up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer. Acknowledge, Accept and Release.

Full Moon in Cancer

May the Cancer Moon send silver luminescent rays of healing light down through your crown chakra and into your heart so you may open more fully to the eternal now that is within you.
Have a blessed Full Moon- embrace the magic of this final full moon as we journey into a new energetic year.


I embrace the chord and core of my higher self
I embrace the center of the noise within me that is completely silent
I fortify that silence with loving attention
I water the seeds of self compassion and grace
I release compulsion by regularly cleansing my body
I release the need to please others at my own expense
I replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of love and gratitude

Full Moon tarot message

The Devil crossed by the Ten of Swords

Don’t fight change. When we don’t allow the flow of “next” into our life, we get stuck, we spin out… the next phase is here. Don’t allow yourself to fight what simply is now. Change is upon you. Allow your energy the freedom to embrace these changes with grace and fluidity. There is nothing you can do to prevent forward movement. Try to let go of what you thought you wanted, with your “old” self so that you can allow the new, the next, to unfold for you. When we lock ourselves into a thought, an activity, an emotion or a person- we stop our growth… use this wonderful Full Moon energy to release, renew and reset so that 2020 flows for you…