Full Moon tarot message

The Devil crossed by the Ten of Swords

Don’t fight change. When we don’t allow the flow of “next” into our life, we get stuck, we spin out… the next phase is here. Don’t allow yourself to fight what simply is now. Change is upon you. Allow your energy the freedom to embrace these changes with grace and fluidity. There is nothing you can do to prevent forward movement. Try to let go of what you thought you wanted, with your “old” self so that you can allow the new, the next, to unfold for you. When we lock ourselves into a thought, an activity, an emotion or a person- we stop our growth… use this wonderful Full Moon energy to release, renew and reset so that 2020 flows for you…

Full moon message from the tarot 🌕

Six of swords crossed by eight of wands

Ideas are brewing and change is in the air. Allow your old thought patterns to be released- remove those ideas that block you from your forward progress. New endeavors are active now as the full moon ushers in new energy. The fire of your dreams is yours now to wield and manifest. Take this weekend to clear your environment- inside and out… manifestation is NOW!

Ascended masters full moon message

Blue green and gold…. this full moon is about acknowledging and releasing stored emotions and doubts. Find peace where you suffer, find quiet where there is noise, seek refuge within the storm of emotions. It’s time to clear and cleanse your body, mind and spirit of attachments that no longer serve you.