There is a shift happening right now; an awakening to personal energy and the  power that comes with forgiveness, self love and letting go of past constraints holding us locked inside our own emotions, pain and fear.


Light workers or energy healers, are self-actualizing and spreading the light of love to all living things.

Energy flows like water through Chakras within the body; energy also resonates within our energy field or aura.  Many empaths take on the emotional vibrations of those around them; causing stress and strain to the empath’s delicate psyche.  Energy healing can help clear these attachments and assist with the flow of energy for optimum vibrational frequency.

Unresolved trauma can also block energy flow and create a feeling of being “stuck” within emotion; only living to repeat cycles over and over again without understanding how to remove ourselves from these cyclical situations.  Energy healing can provide assistance to self-healing and releasing of these past traumas.

I am a certified reiki practitioner and intuitive reader.  My goal is to provide the basis for self-healing and love.  Through the universal energy of reiki and intuitive messages, clarity can be achieved and the road to a happier, healthier living situation actualized.

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Love and Light,

Erin Touponse