Guardian angel message 🌟

Angel of the night sky

Many times we get so caught up in everyday matters that we forget that we are divine beings having a human experience. Remember that you are far more than the stressors and pressure you face in your day to day. Take time to step into the silence of the night- into the quiet of your own darkness to find some peace and clarity. Remember with this full moon on Friday that life is about change; just as the moon grows full and then becomes new again.

Your inner healer 🌱

My mission is to help ease suffering from long standing secrets, traumas and pain.

Healing begins from within. We all need to find the space to release childhood traumas, inaccurate thought tracks and dis-ease

The Intuitive Healing session (which includes reiki and intuitive card reading) can help you find clarity; as the universe shows you what you need to see to embrace your divine grace and peace.

These healing sessions combined with meditation and ritual can help you maintain your connection to your divine higher self. Maintaining the space that allows for clarity is key to unlocking your inner healer and reaching deeper into self love.

It’s time to let go of suffering, unload your burdens so you can embrace the peace, stability, joy and love you deserve. You have within you the keys to unlock the hidden places within you now.

You are not alone.

Angel message for today 🌱

Angel of wisdom

The guardian angel of wisdom visits us again. Messages of faith and silence accompany her today. Use this day to observe and not react. Watch as events unfold around you, be with the moment but not an active part in it. There is wisdom to be gained here now. Focus on remaining somewhat detached from whatever may unfold today. You will learn more by watching. Understand that all is how it should be- have faith in whatever transpires. I TRUST MY PATH 💫

💫Tarot message for today 💫

High priestess crossed by five of cups

Feelings are keeping you from seeing the big picture. Anger and disappointment in yourself, or someone close to you, is not letting you see the truth of the situation. Try to control the emotions instead of letting them dominate you. When the feelings begin to grow within you- instead of reacting, take a breathe- practice the pause- recenter… meditate if you can…. there is wisdom to be taken from this situation if you allow yourself to see it. Don’t dwell in the feelings- simply let them come and go.

Tarot message for today

Six of Pentacles reversed crossed by strength

Sixes are a number of movement and change. There may be some decisions being made that are causing you stress or strain. Perhaps these decisions are not in your control and involve a living situation or job. Remember that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Breathe through these changes… all will work out- don’t force or push… simple see how everything falls into place and then follow your inner knowing.