6/16/22- Sun trine Saturn, square Neptune

With the Sun (our life force) in trine to Saturn and squaring Neptune, this is a time to keep a level head and move forward in balance as much as possible. Saturn will be shining light on all that you have worked towards and will assist you in your forward progress. However, Neptune may cast a hazy glow over things so this may not be the best time to start something new.

This is a time to be fully transparent in all that you do and say. Keep your boundaries up and try to see the bigger picture. Take time to dive deeply into your divine mind during this transit and let your intuition be your guide.

Sun trine Saturn- this transit brings achievement and recognition for the efforts that have be put forth. This is a great time to renew and strengthen your focus on long term goals.

Balance is key- and will be highlighted during this transit as well. All areas of your life will grow from the balance achieved and lessons learned.

Sun Square Neptune- Neptune can sometimes cast a haze over things, and during this transit, you may find your motivation and your emotional/psychological health lacking.

People or events can cause disappointment or confusion and you may be forced to buckle down and try to slog through it.

During this transit, feelings of insecurity, guilt and fear can arise. Be mindful of the motivations of others as “rose colored glasses” may cause an increased chance of loss, scandal or slander.

This is a time to be fully transparent in all your dealings. Predators can take advantage of lost boundaries with more ease and being forthright is the best way to counteract this potential.

This is also not a great time for medical tests or operations due to low vitality (increased susceptibility to infection and weakened recuperative powers). Drugs and alcohol can also have a more profound impact.

Try to focus during this transit on artistic endeavors: art, music, dance, drama. Charity work is also a great way to spend this time.

6/14/22- Full Moon in Sagittarius

Unlike the New Moon (which is about starting something new) the Full Moon is about reflecting on what was planted six months ago and how it is developing & manifesting.

When the Moon is full in far-seeing Sagittarius, the Sun is in near-sighted Gemini. Both these signs pertain to ideas and information. We must learn to balance the here and now with our future goals and plans.

Think back to the New Moon in Sagittarius in the beginning of December, what seeds did you plant then? What can you do now to nurture and grow them?

Now is the time to focus your attention on fostering your long term goals and higher principles.

Tarot Message for June

Two of Cups reversed

Things need to change now. What worked in the past is no longer working for you now. Now is the time to reshuffle the cards and deal a new hand.

Changes are upon you whether you wish them to be or not. The next few months will usher in a change in your material world or how you view your sense of security.

This month, as Pluto, Saturn and Neptune all retrograde, we must shift our focus inwardly, deciding now what must be released so we can move forward through the remainder of the year.

5/27/22- Venus square Pluto

Pluto will bring to the surface power and control issues regarding existing relationships- simmering tension may come to the surface during this transit.

These tensions may be rooted in feelings of not being valued, heard or nurtured.

Unhealthy relationships may feel the shaking of this transit- and finally fall away. Well-based relationships will withstand the intensity of the transit but may lead to a positive transformation in the dynamics of the relationship.

5/16/22- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Moons are about letting go and in Scorpio this means Scorpio-type themes of fear, obsession, control & early trauma.

We allow the light of the Full Moon to reveal to us what has been hidden in the dark. During this Full Moon in Scorpio- the Sun is in Taurus…both of these signs are concerned with security- Scorpio with emotional security and Taurus physical security. This Full Moon gifts us an opportunity to experience some form of imbalance pertaining to our sense of security so we can reflect and remedy that imbalance- letting go of the doubt and fear that may be holding us back.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it is a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses speed up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer. Acknowledge, Accept and Release.