4-4-4 Portal

The 4 -4 -4 portal today is opening and we are being called to evolve past limiting beliefs- to embrace our unhealed pieces and – to release our consciousness into the deep expanse of interbeing.

4 signifies growth, expansion, stability. We are being guided to inner understanding through silence, isolation, meditation. When we expand inward, our abilities to manifest increase in force and intensity. Our inner vision becomes the outer reality as we deep dive into possibility and unknown ability.

Old karmic energy stored within the solar plexus and sacral chakras is releasing- fear, doubt, shame and guilt are floating away now from their resting places to be transmuted by pure light of purpose and soul.

Shield and ground your energy now- as sensatives, empaths and the like may be beacons for discharging energy. Keep your energy field clear by calling in archangel energy, the 5th dimensional tube of light, or any other guide to assist you in removing anything that is not yours or for your highest good.

Invest time in that which makes your heart sing today. Deeply dive into the waters of your own being- find refreshment within the healing deep that washes your soul clear of what was- embrace the flow of a new direction, with strength, faith and compassion.

One card pull


Five of Pentacles reversed

For too long we have been asked to blindly believe. What we know and see about ourselves was fostered by other perspectives. It is time now to remove the blinders- to face the truth, to separate the illusion. Thoughts are growing deeper as we shed layers of falsehood about ourself and how we see the world. Allow space for karmic emotion to clear without judgement- this is a cleansing; a readying for what is to come- for a new dawn that will emerge- light workers, empaths, teachers and naturalists- you are being activated for bigger purpose. Put down old fears, and embrace this new day.

Tarot message – new opportunity

Queen of pentacles crossed by page of Pentacles

A new venture is opening up now- as your progression through your inner battles moves forward. Keep your mind positive, do not judge this new direction; simply allow it to unfold. There is a building going on- so you may he called to move deeper into what makes your heart sing- or how you can be of further service to others. Step into the present without fear, even if you cannot see where you are or where you are going… trust that this journey of humanness is taking you to another level of understanding now. I TRUST MY PATH

Freedom begins by letting go

Stepping through a new door- one where we are free from the tyranny of emotion and thought; a place of swirling color and soft energy. To enter, we must release what we carry- letting go of these long held vibrations that have bound us to what we have known, like chains. Breaking free, we find our way now- as we begin to return home

Fear sits blue to me- in my stomach. Ice blue and it has strange little faces that flow within it like screaming spirits. It winds up my body and covers my face in a web of energy that pulsates and causes my jaw to tighten and my shoulders to rise.

Doubt sits atop my head- it is green like bile and I want to throw it up.

I must learn to sit with these feelings without reaction; to allow them space without falling into them and feeding them with spinning thought.

I must incorporate my balance to include these emotions. I must calm and slow my mind so that I may remember to manifest elsewhere.

This new place- upon which we are reborn is one of balance. The body and mind become spirit amplified. We walk within the depths of the moment, winding deeper and deeper into the energy stored there. Pulsating visions of mystics and guardians guide us down until all we can feel is soft, calm, loving compassion.

All that is done here is for the purpose of realization. Forced silence creates space enough for us to hear that which calls our souls home. The light has returned and shines within us all.

Embrace your emotions with the loving compassion of a parent, gently rocking your child to sleep. Accept that you are great enough to steady the child and walk with her as well. You can carry your feelings without judgement, condemnation or unrest. Establish balance though acceptance; accept peace and enter the new kingdom.

The world speaks to us, through us now… open your heart to find your truth, and then shine!

Tarot message – dissolve into the moment

The hanged man reversed crossed by ace of swords

The is the second time of late that these cards have shown up together. It may be time to rebalance your perspective. Perhaps monitoring your thoughts will help you in seeing things more accuracy. Take time today to dissolve into the moment- calm the mind, rest emotions and sit quietly- listening to the echoes of your being speaking to you from the depths of the present- the “all that is”. Messages flow for those who can become flexible enough to let go.