welcoming october

Today begins October and the slow march from the heat of summer to winter’s snow. This is a time for gathering resources, aligning the heart with the head, and giving thanks for all the lessons, both good and bad, that we learned over the past year.

There can be no change without growth and growth sometimes requires pain. Pain is that all encompassing elixir that burns away those things that are no longer working; making room instead for the “new” that will provide alternative ways of looking at life and reality.

Many years have found me hiding from the ceremony of pain because I was afraid of feeling it. I would pretend it wasn’t there- turning my head from it’s echoes in hopes that I could remain safe within the prison I built to protect myself. Only this year have I really been able to let go and release myself from the self-imposed blockages that kept me from truly seeing the truth of my life, who I am, and who I am meant to be.

Life’s journey is meant to contain all colors and shades… from light to dark, from up to down, from above to below. Today I give thanks for my bravery in facing the shadows that linger within me; and I give you strength to face yours in the same spirit.

love and light- October blessings to you all.

on self acceptance

Living in the North East gives me such a perspective on the inevitability of change in life. The Autumnal Equinox has passed and so begins the long journey into darkness; though, I cannot say that I am saddened by this cyclical alteration. Each aspect, or side of our personality, gives us additional clues to who we are, and how we can mend the broken pieces of our consciousness as we make our way to becoming our highest and best self.

So today, my thoughts drift to the shadow side of myself. In the past, I have often opted to avoid these dusty places within my heart out of fear… fear of seeing things that would bring shame, or pain, or sorrow. I hid from the more “raw” areas that lay out of reach. However, there is no light without dark; there is no up without a down; no yin without a yang. In accepting these more difficult aspects- like past traumas, abandonments, or even our own wrongdoings- we are able to more fully embrace that which is also part of our human experience.

Today take the time to hug and nurture those shadow sides. Through acceptance of things that aren’t as pretty, or as joyful, or as peaceful within the “self” we are able to more fully accept the reality of who we are… and in doing so- release our own thoughts and how we think of other from the judgement that binds us into lower vibrational living.

love and light

On the Autumnal Equinox

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, referred to as Mabon by the ancients. This is the time when light and darkness are equal; moving forward darkness will consume light until it is reborn on the Winter Solstice. Today is a remembrance to reap what you’ve sown, both literally and figuratively. This is a time to reflect on the previous year when we can celebrate our successes and assess which dreams didn’t come to fruition; knowing that sometimes doors that don’t open to us are blessings in disguise.

Today take the time to give thanks for all you have in your life. Focus on the abundance of love, material blessings and strength of spirit. Find that balance between the disparate facets of your life- between the light and dark, the good and bad, the above and below… Energy flows towards those who remain within the center of these opposites.

Wishing you grace, prosperity and abundance on this Mabon celebration.