5/5/22- Sun conjunct Uranus

This is a time of excitement and unexpected change, freedom and rebellion. You may experience a strong urge to break free from routine.

You will find that it is better to be active and look for something out of the ordinary to turn your attention to than to allow yourself to sink into restlessness and nervous tension.

Sometimes this transit can manifest as unexpected and possibly unpleasant changes that can be upsetting. Remember that storms come into your life to pave a new way forward, allow whatever happens to assist you in opening your consciousness to higher vibrations and perceptions.

Keep and open mind and ask what the lesson might be instead of lamenting the change.

5/4/22- Mars sextile Uranus

Fun and excitement are what is on the menu during this transit. This is a perfect time to make changes in your life because they will happen quickly and somewhat smoothly.

Mars will energize the change-loving Uranus, ushering in extra initiative, inspiration and motivation (all ideal for starting something new).

Relationships may also undergo change at this time. Any feelings of “ho hum” with a partner may receive a spicy flavor upgrade. On the other hand, this may also be the time where you gain the courage and perspective to finally break away from those relationships that do not allow for your self-expression and freedom. These relationships can include jobs or careers that just don’t resonate anymore.

Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to take that risk.

5/3/22- Jupiter sextile Pluto

Success is achieved during this transit through positive change. This change is not forced, but rather a natural development concurrent with the spiritual and personal growth you have already been working towards.

Jupiter and Pluto become powerful forces working behind the scenes to help promote you to a higher level. It will feel like the meeting of a strong urge to reform and an excellent opportunity to do just that, however, you must decide to accept the call- go with the flow and take full advantage of these blessings that are flowing through.

4/28/22- Mercury trine Pluto

Mercury is the planet of communication and Pluto is the planet of death & rebirth. Together, this transit fosters powerful influence.

Sales work, debating, bargaining and negotiating powers are very strong at this time. You may find that you meet someone who deeply affects you through some idea or plan.

This is a great time to consult a psychologist, get a psychic reading, do a past life regression or explore journeying.

Use any obsessive energy to dive deeply into yourself and limit the power you may wield over others.

4/27/22- Venus conjunct Neptune

Potential for new romance or spiritual connection is possible during this time.

This is an excellent day to indulge in your creative energy. The flip side of this transit is that you will be more impacted by negative situations or environments (so keep your boundaries high if you are in contact with harsh or aggressive energy).

If you find yourself in a negative relationship- you may be asked to look at things in a different light- which could be potentially disappointing to you. Understand that this clarity is for your highest good.