Angel message today 🌟

Angel of Balance

The changes and challenges that are flowing through your life right now are creating waves and storms; throwing you off balance and maybe even pulling you under your emotional waters. This is okay! These changes are creating a different you, washing away the “old” and replacing it with wonderful new opportunity…. today it’s important to maintain your center- keep your balance. If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed, create some space… meditate, go for a walk in nature, do your breath work… storms don’t come into our lives to destroy- but rather to forge new paths… embrace your current place- allow yourself time to assimilate the changes… you are okay! ***I TRUST MY PATH***

Angel of Faith

Your daily divine message

Angel of Faith
Miracles happen when we use our intention to manifest our dreams, wishes and desires. What we focus our thoughts upon will enter into our life. Sometimes, when we are doing all the work necessary to manifest our desires we do not always see the results right away. This does not mean that we need to stop trying, to stop working, to stop believing. The Universe will bring trials, storms and suffering into our life- not to destroy, but to clear a path ahead for us. To receive new we must first let go of what is no longer needed. Keep your faith in your practice, in your gratitude and in your thoughts on abundance. What you have been waiting for is coming to you- keep your faith … keep positive and watch as things unfold. TRUST IN YOUR PATH….

Guardian angel message 🌟

Angel of the night sky

Many times we get so caught up in everyday matters that we forget that we are divine beings having a human experience. Remember that you are far more than the stressors and pressure you face in your day to day. Take time to step into the silence of the night- into the quiet of your own darkness to find some peace and clarity. Remember with this full moon on Friday that life is about change; just as the moon grows full and then becomes new again.

Angel message for today 🌱

Angel of wisdom

The guardian angel of wisdom visits us again. Messages of faith and silence accompany her today. Use this day to observe and not react. Watch as events unfold around you, be with the moment but not an active part in it. There is wisdom to be gained here now. Focus on remaining somewhat detached from whatever may unfold today. You will learn more by watching. Understand that all is how it should be- have faith in whatever transpires. I TRUST MY PATH 💫

Guardian angel message today

Angel of belief

It’s hard sometimes to trust that you are in the right path- when so many thoughts and questions swirl around in the mind. Today your guardian angels remind you to keep your faith that you are okay, safe and moving in the right direction. Stop thinking so much and just believe. You are okay, you are guided, you are safe. Listen to your inner callings- take heed to your hunches and intuition. Let go of your doubts and thoughts and flow.