Tarot message: do not react today- get a broader perspective

Justice crossed by knight of swords

News may come today- good or bad- it matters not. Take in what you are told and do not immediately react. Now is the time to consider, not speak. Sit with this news, allow your emotions time to clear their energy and then gain a broader view- what is your end goal? What do you want to see manifest and how can this news assist you? Do not worry; know that you are being guided to a bigger purpose- let life unfold mystery without attachment to outcome.

Tarot message- cycles are completing

Ten of pentacles crossed by nine of wands

Cycles are completing and karmic ties release us now. While the move may feel uneasy, even scary, know that the transitions you will experience now are for your highest and best good. You are growing beyond and expanding within. Embrace what comes with an open acceptance. You are being guided to things more in line with your truest and deepest purpose.

Angel message: the Universe

Angel message: the universe

Eternal divine energy is calling us today. There is so much more to what is than we can see with the five senses. Indulge in imagination and connect to the eternal- picture a flame within your stomach- allow that flame to grow in depth and light- until your body is engulfed in this flame- feel your being dance higher and higher until you become so wide that you merge your flame with that of others- keep growing in brilliance and size until you are one with all flames… embrace your fire…. embrace the interbeing of all… feel your ancestors, your children’s children’s children within this one flame of glowing light- and give thanks for what clarity comes through. The universe is calling you today- listen and connect

Angel message: adventure

Angel message: adventure

We are being called to step out of the comfort zone today and take a risk. If you have been thinking about exploring something new- the time is right for you now. Go within and embrace what is calling to you. Do not allow doubt or fear to hold you back now. You are more, you are enough, you have what it takes to manifest.

Tarot message- a new way is emerging

Ten of swords reversed crossed by three of wands

We are moving away from past traumas now- as healing energy found through deep looking is embracing shadow with compassion. A new way forward emerges in line with a true calling or purpose. Continue on your path- continue clearing, embracing, loving both the light and the shadow that exists within you. Release worries and fear- mindsets that were fed by lack and karmic patterns. You are more, you are light… you are a creator of this new reality. Signs of Manifestation will begin to appear for you in the form of symbols, ah ha moments and within dreams.