Journeying is a wonderful way to visit your spirit guides in order to receive the messages  and clarity you need to become more aligned with your soul purpose and direction.  This ancient method of the shaman can be used in everyday life for healing, personal growth and to connect with nature.  I wanted to share some reflections on my journeys here with you.  If you are interested or feel called to journeying yourself, contact me and I can help you find your start.

Power Animal Journey:
I entered the cave unsure where it would lead
It was shady and cool; my feet were bare
A dark lake grew in front of me
I removed my clothes like an animal
And climbed slowly into the water
Sinking beneath the flow
I descended

On the other side when I emerged
The sky was dancing, raindrops
Colored in rainbows glittered above me
And I was clothed in white flowers …
My long flowing hair glistened in
The rising sun

As soon as my feet hit the path
A falcon circled my heart
And gave me wings
Flying now with his eyes
My soul vibrating at a feverish pitch
My mind quiet with excitement

As we flew the falcon kept repeating
The word “release”
As if my entire heart were letting go
Of all that held it heavy
And I was free to soar

On my feet again the falcon remained-
and next to me stood a black bear
He raised a fire and asked me to jump in
I was afraid but did it anyway…
“Heal yourself” were the words he said

I danced in the flames with fire in my hair
And a cleansing in my heart
Feverishly dancing
I twisted and turned around and around
growing with each sound of the drum
that was playing behind me

I asked what my purpose was/ he told me
To heal others with the power of word
Then I returned to the cave
And into the water
And back again

Another Power Animal Journey:
I entered the cave as before
Naked, hair flowing…
But the other side was raining
The flip side of sunny
It was nourishing-
The dark side of the world…
The trees welcomed me with smiles
And remembrances
Joyfully I hugged them
With the entirety of my heart..
And I felt a spiders web brush my face;
I wondered at where the spider could be…

And I saw her
She was behind me, reading my
Steps… unsure of how to approach
I reached out to her energetically
And felt her face next to mine
This white wolf
And she remained close to me
Then she asked for my heart
And I watched her eat it
besmirched I travelled back down
The road, and through the portal
Back home

Fire consumes all fear- The Lower world

I went down into the earth-
dug down and through
Emerging in a lake- rising in the air
Shaking and gyrating
Until the bear and fox caught me
Grandmother fire- making a rattle
Sitting like a tree, brown and withered
Grandmother earth- giving and smiling
Fire consumes flesh
As fear fades away
Handing me the rattle- passing passing
Smiling, sitting- brown like a tree stump
Brown like the earth I dug through
Don’t leave, though I will remain
As you go, you remain with me
Sound your rattle, uplift these ears
Enliven this heart
Stillness is the way.

A journey to the upper world-

Found a ray of light and climbed up
Through a thick cloud of smoke
When I arrived, bird and fox were with me
And small fairies greeted me and thanked
Me for not hurting them on earth
There were trees and mists
The bird sat on my shoulder
I was called into a violet cone of light
I entered and asked how I could help “J”
They told me I could not
I saw gold and fragments of pain
Her mom showed regret

I asked why I feared, as fear filled me
Fire consumes
A violet flame emerged just outside the light
I didn’t enter it
Instead I began to climb higher
From the side of a mountain- it was red earth
The eagle was with me
I found a cave- I kept seeing myself falling into fire
As I entered the cave- previous versions
Of me were there surrounding –
A woman touched my third eye
Fear still felt and I kept asking why
Fire consumes
Forgive yourself fully
Fix karmic energy by sending love through the past
The drum started to change
I had to leave
I wasn’t sure of the way out
And I didn’t want to leave
I jumped from the cliff inside the cave
I fell upon the original ribbon of purple light
And I was back.

A journey to alleviate anger pain and confusion

I was running as if something was chasing me
I ran into the cave and hid in some wet clay
Sinking down into the mud
I couldn’t breathe- my chest was so heavy
When I emerged from the mud
I was clean, but still frightened
Still the feeling of being chased
I ran into the spider, or should I say
He found me
And wrapped me inside a cocoon
It was sticky and grabbed ahold of my anger
Like tape it started to lift it away
I was then on a table- faces shadows all around me
And he started to operate
To remove the pain
And the anger- cutting cutting, and lifting
My chest was feeling lighter
And I realized that I didn’t have to shoulder the burden
But instead give it up- and I did
Free from the anger and pain, free from the exhaustion
I returned with a grateful heart

Journey to the Horned Folk

I walked down a stone staircase in a forest. I could hear birds all around me, it was dark and warm.

The staircase was long and straight. It kept going deeper and deeper down

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, it opened into a semi-circle clearing with a large body of water, moss-like green and glowing. The room was humid and there were beings with horns all around me.

I was afraid of the horns, they told me it was a product of conditioning- that the devil was given horns so anytime we see beings with horns we get afraid. They said that it was all ego; that it wasn’t real. They also told me that the hardship I had been suffering emotionally was also only that of ego. I agreed.

They took me to table that had cards laid out. These cards had animals on them and were not anything I had ever seen before. One of the cards had a set of eyes. They asked me if I could see; I said yes I could. They told me that if I could see the eyes that was all the proof I needed- I had sight.

They sent me down into the water. It was dark blue now and I was sinking down to the depths. There was a flowing grass-like being at the bottom. It was dancing with the water and it had eyes. It told me that I was young for the old ones. I agreed. It told me that again. I agreed again. The sound of this circular exchange echoed for a while. It shared with me that I was here to grow- to get my wings in a sense. I thought about the illusions of “old souls” and how everyone wants to be an old soul, but old souls are forged from the rocks of pain.

Emerging from the deep, I was with the horned folk again. I noticed now how beautiful they were. They were adorned in the most beautiful and ornate jewelry. They had bejeweled garland surrounding their horns and around their necks.

A female healer approached me and offered me a healing. She laid me down on a table and placed her hands on me. I could feel energy realigning, I could feel the songs of birds in my throat. I wanted to merge with her, become her.

When she was finished, I bowed low in gratitude to the horned folk, to the blade of sea grass, to the magic of this divine place, to myself- and I began my return back.