Reiki Healing near me

Our CT Reiki healers and healing services help clients find peace within their life by creating the space needed to heal from childhood traumas, current life stressors, relationship issues and/or overall life dissatisfaction.

Reiki assists in promoting health and energy, balancing chakras, relaxation, opening up energy blocks, accelerating the bodies self-healing abilities, boosting self esteem and helping to reduce anxiety.

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Explore how Reiki can help you transform your life, your emotional state and your relationships.

Childhood traumas including physical, sexual and emotional abuse shape how we structure our worldview and can leave us feeling trapped, without hope, and stuck in unhealthy cycles.  Find the space to claim your power back, break old habits and ancestral wounds.

Karma is real and can impact our current life journey.  Take control, break the cycle and find the peace that is your divine soul right.


Intuitive card readings can help you find the clarity you seek to move forward with understanding and faith.  Tarot cards are used as an ancient guide to help you understand divine messages and step you need to take to fulfill your divine life purpose.

Tarot are always used for highest and best good.  The messages contained in the cards are positive, nurturing and hold the keys to happiness that all souls seek.

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