Reiki Healing Classes

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Mystic Healing Reiki offers Usui Traditional Reiki I, II, Master Certification Classes in Wethersfield, CT. These classes are designed to assist practitioners in understanding how to access, share and teach Reiki Healing Energy.

Reiki 1 is an introduction to Reiki and attunement to the first healing symbol.  You better learn how to work with pendulums and stone energy as well. After this class, you are able understand your energy and how it relates to the world within you and without on a deeper more meaningful level.  At this time you learn how to practice reiki on yourself, friends, plants, etc.  

Cost: $150.00

Reiki 2 dives deeper into accessing your healer’s energy and gives you additional healing symbols to use with your regular practice.  At this time, you could feel comfortable giving Reiki to others on a deeper level. In this class we also explore Reiki animal healing and best practices to beginning your own Reiki Healing practice.

Cost: $175.00

Reiki 3 (or Master) there are additional attunments and symbols and an even deeper dive into the practice, including crystal grids, walking meditation, cord cutting etc.  

Cost: $250.00

Reiki Master/Teacher attunes the final symbols so you can teach and attune others.

Cost: $500.00

Classes held in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut

"Best class ever! I highly recommend this class as well! 💜 Thanks, Erin for an awesome day and for giving us the opportunity to meet such great people! I am looking forward to Reiki 2."
Rebecca Bialkowski
Reiki Practitioner
"I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else. Thank you, Erin for such a great day 💜"
Victoria Selden
Reiki Practioner
"It was amazing 🙌🏻🙌🏻 HIGHLY recommend this class 🥰🤗"
Kim Stryker
Reiki Practioner