Past Life Regression near me

Looking for Past Life Regression near me?

Mystic Healing Reiki offers Past Life Regression services to assist you in unlocking your Inner Healer.

How can Past Life Regression help?

People do not live in the past or the future. There is memory of the past and expectation of the future, but the present moment, the eternal NOW, is all that is truly “real”. Healing the present moment involves resolving the unfinished business of that past that might be echoing into the present and influencing future outcome.

Just like how the physical body carries scars from past traumas, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies do as well. These traumatic episodes are often deeply buried in the soul memory; long since forgotten by the conscious mind.

Past Life Regression can assist in locating these traumas and releasing the vibrational echoes that might be lingering from them.

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