Intuitive Hypnotherapy

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Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing

Tap into your own inner wisdom, release emotions that are no longer serving your highest good, understand how your the past impacts your present and future.

Healing our deepest self is a sacred task. We must become intimate with our shadows, our traumas, & the self-limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves in order grow into our truest divine self. The path to wholeness is a winding journey into the self and back out again. Hypnotherapy assists you in awaking your inner healer, in understanding the karmic constructs that keep you weighted in the past and helps you to shed the habits and thoughts that prevent you from creating the divine masterpiece you are.


Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing is a 60 minute guided journey into your deepest self. This journey is customized to your specific healing needs and can help with anxiety, habit control, self love, confidence and more. This journey assists you in connecting with your highest wisdom, with your guides and ancestors and can help with clarity and balance.

Intuitive Hypnosis Healing sessions can be held in-person of over Zoom.

**60 min Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing Session: $125

**90 min Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing & Reiki Healing Session: $155

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression works with the mind, body, emotions and energetic framework to assist you in finding root causes of problems or issues in order to heal and release them. Like echoes, karmic patterns from the past may be vibrating into the present and only through deeper understanding can we evaluate what patterns, relationships, illnesses or habits may be limiting the present from it’s fullest manifestation.

Sessions are 2 hours long and can be done over Zoom or In-Person.

**120 min Intuitive Hypnotherapy Healing Past Life Regression: $222