House Clearing & Blessing Ceremony

Looking for House Clearing and Blessing near me?  Mystic Healing Reiki, located in Old Wethersfield, CT can assist you with releasing your home’s stagnant negative energy so that your environment is more peaceful and happy.

Moving into a new home?  Trying to sell your current home?  Recovering from trauma, divorce or other related suffering?   A home clearing and blessing may be what you need to attain optimum good.

House Clearings (also known as house blessings, space clearing and house healing) are spiritual rituals intended to clear negative energies from a space, bring harmony & light and protect the inhabitants from misfortune.

A house clearing & blessing is the process of making a living space more comfortable by removing and clearing the negative energy that may have built up or accumulated over time due to stress, strain, anxiety and trauma.

Clearing will remove all unwanted energies, cleanse and ground the space in higher vibrations and bless the space for highest and best good.

Reasons to have a House Clearing & Blessing:

  • Start off in a  new home with a clean, fresh energy for positive beginnings
  • Having trouble selling a home?  Help improve the “vibes” potential home buyers my feel as a first impression
  • Clear the space before bringing a new baby home
  • Create sacred space, surround yourself in positive energy for elevated vibration and protection
  • To hep you reset and heal from traumatic life altering events 

Realtors and home owners employ this option when they can’t seem to “move” a home an cannot figure our why.

A typical House Clearing & Blessing is about 2 hours depending on house size and degree of energy that needs to be released from the home.

Realtors are welcome to inquire and see how a space clearing may be exactly what that slow to move  property needs.

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