Tarot message: good news flows

The Lovers crossed by Knight of Cups

Good news pertaining to a relationship may surface today. Trust that this union is for a higher purpose. The lunar eclipse during this full moon in cancer may usher in something very positive for you. Keep your mind clear and your heart open. Blessings are flowing and good news is on its way. If you have a business meeting today- take heart it is for the best.

Tarot message: see clearly and accept

Six of Wands crossed by Three of Swords

It may be helpful to take a step back from a situation to see it more clearly. Things may not be what they seem; and what is, in actuality, may not be what you wish it to be. It is important to accept what reveals itself- as these truths present guidance for you so that you can choose rightly regarding next steps. Do not fear what may come- you are being divinely guided for your highest good. Do not fight, do not regret- accept and move on with your newfound understanding

Tarot message: be mindful of limiting thoughts

The Fool crossed by Seven of Cups

Don’t get bogged down in details right now. Allow yourself the space to dream and expand; new exciting opportunity awaits you. Energy may be feeling very strong as we get closer to the full moon lunar eclipse on Friday in cancer. Left feeling flow and try not to hold onto any feeling or thought for too long. Keep your options open and be mindful of limiting thought patterns.

Angel message- success

Angel of Success

Growth and stability mark this new year. We are in a “4” year now (2+0+2+0) allowing us the space to manifest our dreams and create the life that lies more in line with our true self. Know that you are exactly where you need to be. Embrace all the changes and lessons from last year- and from the last few years… now is the time to build- create- dream…

Tarot message- end of year

Seven of swords crossed by ace of pentacles

New opportunities arise out of old mistakes…. embrace these changes with an open mind. Do not allow the suffering of the past, especially where your heart or trust is concerned, weigh down your forward movement. Instead embrace these changes with optimism and hope. You are being guided to greater things. Speak your truth and don’t allow anyone to tell you you’re not enough. The time to embrace your courage and passion is now.