Messages from the tarot

Ace of Wands crossed by nine of Wands

There is a tipping point that you have reached where new opportunities meet the work you have put in. What lies between accomplishment and potential? There lie the secrets of you true desires. Funnel through the noise to find the root cause. Head towards this special spot with intensity and thoughtfulness. All is aligned for you now.

Full moon message- tarot

Knight of Pentacles crossed by materialism (the devil)
Be cautious not to let your material desires overtake your spiritual nature. Balance is important and you may be focusing a bit too much on things and not enough on your soul’s needs at this time. If you are in a relationship or job because it’s safe, but your spirit is not allowed to be expressed or explored- you may need to make some changes for your best overall good. Let go of the fear that keeps you bound to this- and let your vibration show you the way. Full moon tonight is the perfect time to release the old and embrace your potential.

Tarot message for today

Nine of Pentacles crossed by five of cups

You may be feeling unfulfilled and empty- even if you have what you “think” should be enough. Spirit needs nourishment beyond material things- remember to make time for all aspects of your being. Today, give to your soul with a guided mediation, a long quiet walk, paint a picture, create something meaningful. If there is a decision to be made about a change to your physical environment, take your next steps. It’s time to grow.

Angel of love

Angel of love

Don’t hold yourself back from giving and accepting love. It is important to keep your heart open, even through pain- for love can wash away heartache and fill your being with light. Remember to work on forgiveness of others and of yourself so that you can truly embrace the love that your angels and guides are sending you today to heal.

On the Lionsgate

I am thankful for my guides- my new guide has reached me today during this portal and I am opening to new sights and experiences. My fear sits alongside- as a friend and not a foe. Lessons flow now through horn and tusk as my animal guides greet me at the doorway to my new world. Mercy be upon all spirits who dwell here… may I find a place among you, in friendship and in peace.

Healing vibrations are opening now at levels that I’ve never felt as the energy flows down through my crown, clearing my mind’s eye and opening my speech. Green, this energy touches my heart, relieving and renewing- gracing my heart with clarity to flow through and beyond that which has been a source of grief-understanding that all is as it should be. And moving into my power center, illuminating past fears and uncertainties; I embrace my fullness and my health.
Finally as it flows gently through that shame- painful memories once locked within- now light and soft; relieving the fear that lingers for a future that is as certain and uncertain as the moon- I can finally let go.

Flowing back up I release my doubt and embrace my truest self.