Tarot message- rest

Five of Pentacles crossed by Ten of Wands

It is time to work smarter, not harder. The constant spinning of your mind is not going to accomplish your goals any faster and may only serve to exhaust you. Understand that you are in transition; that you are growing and learning new things- and that these things are integral to your growth and your ability to achieve your highest purpose. It may be time to allow your self rest; to put a few moments into the hands of the universe and allow yourself to catch your breath. You are in need of some respite- self care is important right now. Be companionate to yourself and give yourself the break you need to complete this transition.

Angel message- grounding during this full moon

Angel of Grounding

The Full Moon today may create waves of emotion or thought to surface. This is a clearing, and not to be feared. Allow all that was hidden to come forward and breathe- you are safe and can handle anything that comes up. If you begin to fill energetically “off”- either pulsating with too much energy or lingering in the void of energy- go outside- breathe the air- listen to the birds, talk to the trees… reconnect with your natural being… let the rain hit your face and smile… you are okay- you are more than what is clearing from you… you are a diving being experiencing “human-ness”. Breathe and be… all will pass and you will be left with greater clarity and sense of peace when all is said and done

Angel message- health

Angel of Health

What can you do to help your body, mind and spirit today? now is the time to detoxify and refresh your being. Drink water, rest, consider what you are eating… clean your environment, your car, your thoughts. Burn sage and palo santo to renew your energy… this is a time of inwardness… connect and care for yourself now- when Mercury goes direct at the end of the month, things will begin to move quickly again- take this time now for self-care and love.

Tarot message- break patterns

The Devil crossed by The Sun

It may be time to break old patterns and cycles. The Universe is providing you with the energy and strength you need to cut the cords binding you to lower vibrations now, but you need to be ready to take the measures to do it. Time to walk away, to put things down, to let them go… allow yourself the freedom to let go of the things that bind you and keep you stuck. It may also be time to refresh your living environment, detoxify your body and clear your mind. This is a time of reflection and cleansing- reinvest in yourself… establish and follow a ritual that connects you to yourself… allow what is gone to be gone… holding onto attachments only brings more suffering… the past is an echo- release it with grace and loving kindness.

Tarot message- change through growth

Five of Cups reversed crossed by Wheel of Fortune

Tides are changing and what was, will be no longer. Now is the time to search yourself- find those patterns that keep you bound to toxic situations, pain, unhappiness- and acknowledge them… for in your acknowledgment and acceptance you will find the clarity to let them go. Step outside and view yourself from a different perspective. It is time to put down those things that have caused pain and suffering- embrace instead a fresh start and a new way. You do not have to hold onto the pain anymore- even though the wheel may turn, you don’t have to be turned inside it- instead, grow through it and send that older part of your identity love and healing.