Tarot message today

Six of Pentacles reversed crossed by Transition (Death)

Six of Pentacles relates to changes and movement within a job, living situation or business relationship. Reversed, you may be feeling uncertain about how to move forward, or overwhelmed by the amount of work it will take to accomplish. Transition, however, is upon you; your steps are being divinely guided and you are exactly where you need to be. Put down the constant questioning and really wrap your mind around this new venture. Try not to send good energy down the hole of anxiety… keep your faith in your path, put your head down, and make your magic happen.

Abuse survivors and the need to control

Many common themes run through the lives of those who have suffered trauma in early childhood. Feelings of being out of control- issues in fact with control itself, are very common. Many survivors “pretend” they are stronger, more assertive and more in control than they actually feel… this mask gives a false sense of safety and security. Because it’s a facade, the pain of what happened is exacerbated by the mask that needs to be worn all the time. It’s an exhausting circle of hide and seek with the self and others.

Some people decide to grasp control through extensive discipline and reproach. Limiting of nutrients and sustenance through diet and exercise is a common way that unresolved issues with control manifest. ….Anorexia, bulimia, cutting, bruising…. all coping mechanisms meant to give this false sense of safety.

While the root of the issue with control is the silence that abuse engenders; the very idea of “speaking up” is difficult for some; especially if this method was tried before but the message fell on deaf ears.

Parents and loved ones don’t always deny an abuse story because they don’t believe it- the denial comes from their own sense of guilt and shame from being the person who “allowed it to happen”.

Denial and/or the lack of support-full understanding from those close create the feeling of a deficit within the abused person which leads to the desire to “replicate and change” the outcome of the abuse and subsequent reactions to the abuse by replaying it in present day situations with the hope that they are finally “good enough” to attain a different result. This is a self defeating exercise.

Trying to change a toxic situation into a positive one only fuels and triggers the toxicity already present. To change the situation, one must move from it.

Healing from trauma is a process that is constantly spiraling back to itself. We reach new levels of understanding as we revisit the pain to gain the extra wisdom hidden within.

We can only reach others as deeply as we reach ourselves. Survivors are the deepest healers because they have had to reach deep within themselves, to the darkest spots; soothing them with loving kindness, compassion, joy and freedom (the four elements of love).

~acknowledge, accept, release, repeat~

If you are a survivor looking for more, looking for a place of safety within yourself, looking for a divine purpose…. find your breathe… silence your mind… and allow the universe to reside inside.

With love

💫Message from the oracle 💫

Our heart wants to be open and flowing, and yet life’s suffering causes us to close down and lock up. Today, take time to consider your heart energy. Feel it; picture opening your heart and allowing flowing green clouds to emerge to fill your body. Open your most sacred heart to love and forgiveness. Let go of anything else and just ride these green peaceful waves. Forgive and let go- embrace your own love without condition

Full moon message from the tarot 🌕

Six of swords crossed by eight of wands

Ideas are brewing and change is in the air. Allow your old thought patterns to be released- remove those ideas that block you from your forward progress. New endeavors are active now as the full moon ushers in new energy. The fire of your dreams is yours now to wield and manifest. Take this weekend to clear your environment- inside and out… manifestation is NOW!

Angel of Faith

Your daily divine message

Angel of Faith
Miracles happen when we use our intention to manifest our dreams, wishes and desires. What we focus our thoughts upon will enter into our life. Sometimes, when we are doing all the work necessary to manifest our desires we do not always see the results right away. This does not mean that we need to stop trying, to stop working, to stop believing. The Universe will bring trials, storms and suffering into our life- not to destroy, but to clear a path ahead for us. To receive new we must first let go of what is no longer needed. Keep your faith in your practice, in your gratitude and in your thoughts on abundance. What you have been waiting for is coming to you- keep your faith … keep positive and watch as things unfold. TRUST IN YOUR PATH….