Tarot message today

Three of cups reversed/ three of Wands reversed/ the magician reversed
Disappointment, delays, frustration and a lack of personal power. These are all at play today. Perhaps a situation with others hasn’t manifested in the way you thought it might. Frustration and disappointment are strong today. Take time to look within yourself and take notice of how your thoughts and actions might be playing into this situation. Consider your patterns, thoughts and feelings, and then connect how these patterns might be impacting this situation.

Thoughts on healing

Interesting…. while we honor our mothers today, it’s important to also honor our own journey. The faults of others play out within our lives as we heal from childhood. Our mothers may not have been perfect, we may not be perfect as mothers, but we can continue on the journey of healing by accepting and releasing what does not serve us. It’s time to remove the cords that connect us to childhood perceptions played upon us by other souls also in the process of healing.

~Love to all~

Ascended masters speak

As you are building towards a truth, it may seem like the process is taking forever to begin. This calm before the storm of activity is important to your growth on this path. What you perceive as delays is merely the call for a breath. Now is the time to clear away any clutter, negative thought patterns, Old energy that no longer works for you. It’s time to clear and to cleanse, put your priorities into perspective and recharge your spirit for what is coming. Believe!

~Tarot today~

Three of Wands reversed/ six of swords/ judgement
It’s time to move on from thoughts and worry surrounding an important life calling change you have been making. You are being urged to let go of these thoughts of lack and concern. Judgement is coming and you will reap all the rewards of your hard work. This is a true life calling for you and success is just near. Stop letting doubt and worry hold you back. The universe had spoken and you must move forward now in faith. Let go and just believe.

Tarot today

Knight of Pentacles/ nine of swords/ three of swords
Worries and anxiety may be plaguing your thoughts today. You are thinking, thinking thinking so much that you’ve potentially lost your way and the thoughts have turned into emotions that are not helping you at this time. The details of the endeavors that are causing you to worry are working themselves out behind the scene. Today, try to refocus and release all this built up worry and stress. Meditate, drink water, let go of your thoughts to allow space within. You will soon find that the worries were all for naught.