Tarot message: doors are opening

Ace of Pentacles crossed by The Star

Dream! Expand! Let yourself be guided by your larger soul purpose as new doors open for you now. Don’t hold back anymore! Allow your heart energy to expand through gratitude to accept the new that now flows. All is well- all is divinely guided- you are receiving now. Grace and acceptance are with you. Let the new moon lead you to new doors….

Angel message: wisdom

Angel message: wisdom

Find some private space to slink away into for a short time today. It is important with the new moon to indulge in self care and solitude. You have already learned so much; take time today to sit within the wisdom you have gained from the past year and give yourself love for being so strong, so determined, so focused on healing and growing. Your understanding will only grow in this “4” year of stability and manifestation- so give yourself time to love who you are, to honor your journey, and to give thanks for your growth.

Spirit animal message: peacock

Spirit animal message: peacock

It is time to unfurl your souls’ beauty- no longer do you hide in the shadows of judgement. Release your heart to embrace all the wonders that you are- right now in this moment. You are a divine being- you are the light of compassion and kindness- let your light shine- don’t hold back- don’t listen to the worries in your head- simply accept that you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Embrace your inner truth!

Tarot message: clear insight

Ace of Pentacles reversed crossed by The Star

Do not give up hope, the storms are clearing and you will see the horizon soon. Try to look on the experiences and challenges in a different way- opportunities are flowing to you now- understand that a shift in how you are seeing these opportunities may help you to gain clearer insight.

Tarot message: compassion

Queen of Cups reversed crossed by Queen of Pentacles

Emotions run high right now as we go through bouts of needing to be understood. There may also be someone in your life at the moment who needs you to listen. Times are turbulent right now. Take a moment to listen- to your body, your mind, your emotions and those of others. Communication, compassion and kindness are called for today. Instead of a stick, consider honey.