Full Moon Channeled Message

Take three full luminous breaths from the Universe- breathing in beautiful light and exhaling peace. Under this FULL MOON we are given hope and guidance. What began during the New Moon eclipse in June has completed and you are no longer the person you were. Remember how far you have grown, how large your light shines now. You have done the work and now you may bask in your own beautiful light signature.

Healer helpers and guides are with you now. Call on them for protection and wisdom. The temple flames have been lit and the fires grow. Descend into the Winter Solstice and gather around the warm light of the GREAT MOTHER.

All are welcome who travel to the great waters of life. Come be cleansed through her awesome nature. We are one.

FULL MOON blessings to you ✨

Full Moon in Libra ♎️

Full Moon in Libra asks us to reevaluate relationship dynamics and how some ties bind us to the past in ways that may be keeping parts of us stuck in the energy of that dynamic trauma.

These relationship dynamics can engage entire families. Each person caught in the net of these traumas are tied into the knot of energy. Repeating generational patterns ensures that not only will we be tied into this trauma knot but out descendants may be as well.

To release the ties, to unravel the knot, we must first accept that part of our energy is tied up in it. Past the shame and guilt lies clarity. It is difficult to separate the vibration of this knot (and the further back in the ancestral line it goes- the stronger the vibration will resonate) from the present self, however once you are able to gain space from it, truth about how it was formed will begin to come to light. As light shines upon the knot we begin to understand each turn and tighten of the thread, we begin to see the choices, the pain, the situations and misunderstandings that created it.

Forgiving the self is powerful, and through this forgiveness lies a path to greater understanding, compassion and finally healing. As you heal, you heal the family line. As you untie the knots you free the energy- allowing it to go back home to the soul in which it belongs.

Our imagination is the doorway to the third eye- to clear sight. The 3rd eye allows us to see beyond humanness- to call upon the Great Creator and see/hear/feel the response that comes back to us. Mindfulness is the key to the door. Practicing being here- without judgment, without fear… see the door, open it and allow what comes through space to unfold.

Intuitive hypnotherapy, Reiki & a Mindfulness self care routine can assist you in peeling back the layers of the past… your journey is yours alone…

Use the power of this Full Moon to illuminate your path to greater acceptance and forgiveness. Commit to the ongoing healing of your deepest self; free the slivers of soul trapped in your ancestral knots and traumas.

A new day is dawning, the light awakens within us.


Mercury square Lunar Nodes

Mercury is a busy planet this month with a culminating square to the North & South Nodes.

A square to the Nodes triggers a spot of tension that gives you a choice- to stay with the South Node (what needs to be completed) or move onto the North Node (what needs to be developed further).

The North Node is currently in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, and reinforces decisions made during the earlier square involving Venus.

It may be time to speak your truth and consummate the changes that you realized were necessary pertaining to the concept of self-vs-whole. It may be time to step into your power and ready yourself to take the next steps.

Trust your path.

Venus enters Aries ♈️ 3/21

Venus follows the Sun into Aries on 3/21, just a day after the Vernal Equinox.

With Venus in Aries, there is a need to potentially re-balance or re-align relationship energies. Unhealthy power dynamics are brought to the surface and there is a strong pull towards being more self-assertive.

While Venus visits Aries tensions and conflicts may be exacerbated as conflict is brought up between the needs of the self and the needs of the relationship.

Take this time to reflect and release patterns that may be not serving highest and best good; this is a good time to heal relationships.