Tarot message for today

Knight of Pentacles reversed crossed by seven of Wands

The old ways of doing things are changing as growth replaces the stagnation of same old-same old. Changes are upon us now as the leave’s color begin to explode into the reds, yellows and oranges of autumn… if you are considering making a move, this may be the right time for you. Follow the voice of your inner calling and true passion- you will not be led astray. Embrace change- it’s an inevitability… new growth springs forth

Tarot message for September

September 2019

Ace of cups
Flow like water and allow what’s old to slowly drift back into the sea of spirit. September is one of letting go, acceptance of how things are, and a renewal of the self to the self. It’s time to forgive and let the emotions you’ve been suppressing trickle down and away. Clean and cleanse your environment; purify physical and mental space… FORGIVE yourself and others- your cup will fill again this month with new energy, new love, new stability and peace. Make room for your life’s elixir to be refreshed with upgraded vibrations. Flow, forgive, renew and release. Peace….

New moon message

Ace of Wands crossed by nine of Pentacles

Second pull in a row with this message- powerful and important. New ideas spring forth- don’t allow your insecurities to keep you from your truth. You are now inbetween what’s coming and what’s been…. Listen to your intuition now- many many voices are speaking to this- but you need to find your silence to hear. Abundance flows to those to can see it. Fire from your passion will light your way forward. This is a powerful time for manifestation. Focus on what you want to see and fill your heart with gratitude as if you’ve already been given it. Very strong energy surrounds your gifts and your passion… let the fire of your soul be your guide.

Guardian angel message today

Angel of belief

It’s hard sometimes to trust that you are in the right path- when so many thoughts and questions swirl around in the mind. Today your guardian angels remind you to keep your faith that you are okay, safe and moving in the right direction. Stop thinking so much and just believe. You are okay, you are guided, you are safe. Listen to your inner callings- take heed to your hunches and intuition. Let go of your doubts and thoughts and flow.

Divine message from the tarot for today

The star crossed by queen of Wands

You may be feeling like your fire is fading- like you’ve lost some sort of direction and now you linger in between where you were and where you are going. Trust that even here- in this in between there are lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gleaned. Trust this path as you have some bit of wisdom to learn. Changes will emerge as the new moon graces the sky in a short few days. Clarity will return and you will be on the road walking again. Take time to learn what needs to be heard. Embrace your passion and let go into the process.