Tarot message- delays and retrogrades

Ace of Pentacles crossed by Seven of Pentacles

Saturn stations retrograde followed shortly by Venus and Jupiter. Allow things to slow down- do not be discouraged by this process- your blessings are already yours. Take time instead to give thanks, to listen to your heart, to allow old stored emotional energy space to clear. Take this time as a wonderful blessing and do not allow yourself to get frustrated by what seems like delays. All is aligning for you.

Tarot message: do not react today- get a broader perspective

Justice crossed by knight of swords

News may come today- good or bad- it matters not. Take in what you are told and do not immediately react. Now is the time to consider, not speak. Sit with this news, allow your emotions time to clear their energy and then gain a broader view- what is your end goal? What do you want to see manifest and how can this news assist you? Do not worry; know that you are being guided to a bigger purpose- let life unfold mystery without attachment to outcome.

Spirit animal message: condor

Spirit animal message: condor

Take a step back today- observe without reaction- just listen deeply to what your body is telling you, what your emotions are saying, to what your thought formations are showing you. You cannot always have the perspective you need to see the bigger picture and that is okay- today, do try though to separate your ego and expectations from the situation… take deeply cleansing breaths and soar above it all to see things without attachment. You will gain much needed clarity.

Tarot message- trust your path

Two of wands reversed crossed by four of wands

We are building, reinventing, realigning ourselves- the things we thought to be of great importance are falling away as we embrace a new road. You may need to put down the spinning thoughts to truly receive the message though. Your fear may be holding you back from truly believing. Today- have faith that all is coming together as it should, release attachments to outcome and let things just flow. I TRUST MY PATH 🌟

Tarot message- trust

Knight of Cups crossed by Eight of Pentacles

It may be time to work smarter not harder. Tune into your feelings and higher self. What do you really want now? Things have changed- perhaps what you felt was important isn’t really making the list anymore… perhaps something new has caught your attention. Follow your heart and let the rest unfold for you. Don’t try so hard to fit a round peg into a square hole- trust that things will fall into place exactly as they should.