4/28/22- Mercury trine Pluto

Mercury is the planet of communication and Pluto is the planet of death & rebirth. Together, this transit fosters powerful influence.

Sales work, debating, bargaining and negotiating powers are very strong at this time. You may find that you meet someone who deeply affects you through some idea or plan.

This is a great time to consult a psychologist, get a psychic reading, do a past life regression or explore journeying.

Use any obsessive energy to dive deeply into yourself and limit the power you may wield over others.

4/27/22- Venus conjunct Neptune

Potential for new romance or spiritual connection is possible during this time.

This is an excellent day to indulge in your creative energy. The flip side of this transit is that you will be more impacted by negative situations or environments (so keep your boundaries high if you are in contact with harsh or aggressive energy).

If you find yourself in a negative relationship- you may be asked to look at things in a different light- which could be potentially disappointing to you. Understand that this clarity is for your highest good.

4/24/22- Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune

During Mercury’s aspects to Saturn (the planet of limitation) and Neptune (the planet of intuition & spirituality) we are called to spend time alone. Senses and intuition are highlighted and wisdom floats softly on the winds. This is a time to withdraw and find solace in meditation, spiritual endeavors and mindfulness. Mercury’s square to Saturn may foster difficult or negative thoughts- be mindful what plants you water. This can be a time of immense personal growth- keep your eyes turned inwardly and ask your guides for assistance in your next steps.

Mercury square Saturn– this transit favors hard mental work, better done on your own than in concert with others. This is due to potential issues with communication. Attention to detail is very important at this time. Take time making important decisions; seek trusted advice and try not to rely on the words of others. You may be prone to saying the wrong thing- so be equally mindful with what you say to others as well. Paying attention to your thought formations will be helpful- gloomy thoughts can have a negative affect on your mental wellbeing. Remember that the heaviness will pass- don’t allow yourself to fall into it.

Mercury sextile Neptune- Relaxation, creativity, communication and spiritual pursuits all shine during this transit. Senses and intuition become acute and healing power of words is highlighted. Dreams, meditations, guides and chance encounters can provide the information needed to move forward. This is a great time to do artwork or anything creative.

4/12/22- Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Sun sextile Saturn

This is a time to buckle down and turn the focus inwardly. Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces allowing for an expanded view of higher minded ideals and philosophies. This strong intuitive energy coupled with Aries Sun sextile Saturn in Aquarius, you may find that complex concepts begin to “feel” their way into being; that you can understand spiritual concepts on a deeper and more profound level. This is a great time to journey to your guides- next steps in your life are being laid at your feet… hard work is the only way- ritual and dedication will provide the groundwork you need at this time. Do not take the easy road- it will not lead you where you wish to go… instead, turn your attention inwardly and ask yourself the hard questions.. answers are flowing now for you- you need only open your heart center to receive….

Jupiter conjunct Neptune– This transit happens every 13 years- and hasn’t occurred in the sign of Pisces since 1856…

This is an auspicious time for spiritual development. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and while in this positive alignment with Neptune, broad concepts and abstract ideas can be more easier understood and applied. Intuition will be high and dreams may be vivid. Caution in business dealings is advised as you perspective may be too broad leading you to potentially miss important details.

Sun sextile Saturn– themes of patience and perseverance are highlighted during this transit. This is an excellent time to reach for your goals and complete those serious or difficult tasks. This is a great time to stand up and be recognized by authority figures by focusing on hard work and steady follow through.

4/10/22- Mercury square Pluto

This transit can lead to deep thinking and intense interactions with people. The more extreme your idea, or the more force you use to convince others, the more criticism and conflict you may meet.

There may be an inclination to become defensive during this transit- don’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner- it will only complicate matters. Try to take the high road, keep an open mind and ask yourself- “what lesson am I being shown here?” This will create a positive transformation within instead of unnecessary stress without.