Angel message- clarity

Angel of Clarity

Oh, Mercury retrograde, how we honor you… all things hidden eventually come to light- what will you do with this new found clarity. Will you choose to embrace the new understanding with an accepting state of mind, or fight the changes? Clarity is two edged sward- sometimes it rips things away that are no longer needed, but we still cling to… sometimes it forces us out of our comfort zone and into a new way of being…new relationships, opportunities and living situations are coming for us during this final dance with mercury retrograde… find peace in your breath and try to embrace clarity with an open-heart. You will be in a better place after all is said and done.

November tarot guidance

Eight of Cups reversed

This month mercury is retrograde and things slow down quite a bit. During this time of reflection and quiet, take the time to evaluate where you are and where you wish to be going. What is working for you and what do you need to leave behind? Eights signify abundance, but this eight is reversed- meaning the flow of these changes may be counter to what you hoped, what you thought you wanted. Perhaps these changes you need to make come rife with pain and suffering… we are not given storms to destroy- but to forge new paths. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and take the time to really consider, “is this good for me?” If not- no matter how much it hurts- this is the time to release and walk away. Next month will be brighter- if you do the work and accept that which is. Inner peace can only be attained through acceptance and release. Let go and see what the universe has in store for you.

Angel message- creativity

Angel of Imagination

Creativity and intuition are flowing now. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde and has slowed. This gives us the perfect time to rest, renew and reevaluate. Allow your mind to grow as you process emotions, thoughts and the spiritual clarity you have gained. Lost things may return. If this includes people returning to your life- take time to evaluate their energy and if it matches where you are now. This is a time for letting go. Let your imagination soar as you embrace the creative, out of the box side of yourself.

Tarot message- mercury retrograde and Samhain

Knight of Swords reversed crossed by The Tower

Painful changes, aimed at helping you release the past and toxic relations, are flowing into your life at this time. Truth that we have been avoiding facing may be surfacing as Mercury goes retrograde. The past is coming to clarity and light. At this time, as things fall away- sometimes quite painfully, remember that this is for your highest good. The changes been dragged into your life- the truth being cast into the darkness, will help you find your way forward. Do not avoid what comes up… it is important to see the truth for what it is and accept it. Bridges are crumbing, foundations are shifting- this is the way… allow it with calm breathe- the pain will pass and you will be left with a deeper understanding of your path. Today, as the veil thins onSamhain- ask your ancestors and guides for help with balance. You are well, you are good enough, you will be okay, you will find happiness again after this storm.

Tarot message- release negative thought

Queen of Swords reversed crossed by The Chariot

Today is the perfect time to take control of your thoughts and emotions- as some negative patterns may be holding you back. Pay close attention to the thought patterns that run through your mind as you go about your daily tasks- what sounds harsh? What sounds like self-judgement? These are the toxic patterns that must be quieted. Use today to take control of your mind, and thereby your emotions- as one feeds the other… release yourself from negative self talk, from self-recrimination, from doubt… remember that you are more than the constructs that taught you… release yourself to embrace yourself.