Tarot message: accept

Nine of cups crossed by six of Pentacles

There is a completion of a cycle coming now and you are being asked to let go of those attachments which no longer serve you. It is time to move along and release… do not fear what you are letting go- trust that abundance flows as you allow yourself to accept the changes that come. There is no concept of “loss”- loss is but a transition towards more. Accept what is- accept change- allow the universe to give you more by letting go of what was.

Spirit animal message: wolverine

Spirit animal message: Wolverine

Connect with your center- with that swirling yellow sun that sits in the middle of you body… this seat of personal power assists you in being who you are meant to be. Trust that you are stronger than you think, that love will protect and guide you. Walk in faith and belief that you’re exactly where you need to be… remember your divinity…. this human experience is but an opportunity to learn how powerfully beautiful you really are. Shine on!

Spirit animal message: penguin

Spirit animal message: penguin

Without darkness we could never appreciate light. Without the night sky we would never appreciate the healing power of the moon. Nothing is permanent, save that our time here is limited—accept the darkness and the light for the gifts each brings. Know that darkness is passing just as night gives way to dawn. You will see the sun rise again… keep going, keep holding space and allow your feet to walk in faith.

Tarot message: step into your power

The emperor crossed by judgement

It is time to step into your power. Embrace the changes that have been entering your life with excitement and positive energy. You sit upon the throne of your grace and wisdom. Allow your truth to shine through- use kindness as your guide- the time is now to accept and welcome these new energies into your being. You are safe and loved.

Angel message: positivity

Angel message: positivity

Dark times only serve us in learning to appreciate when things feel light. Today, remember that no matter what you might be clearing, experiencing, dealing with- no matter how heavy the burden you carry- this too is impermanent. Try to find the message within the pain and darkness. Try to remember that within all shadow lies wisdom and gifts to take back with you as you move into the light. Accept where you are knowing that you need to be here to become a better you. Keep your faith, keep moving forward- allow what is to wash over you with grace- this too will pass.