Are you ready to give up what hurts you?

Are you ready to give up what hurts you?

The question is more complicated than it appears. There are so many ways our traumas play out in our lives; so many areas touched and altered by the experiences we undergo, the pain we process, by the support (or lack of it) we receive in dealing with the events and the ensuing emotions that accompany them.

Iteration after iteration of these traumas shape how we view ourselves and the world- down to a very cellular level. Difficult events echo in our vibrational field and manifest; settling into our emotions and how we handle these emotions, into our personality and how we interact with our loved ones and others and how we view ourselves. When these pains and painful events are allowed to manifest and make a home within our divine being, our personality becomes altered by them- similar to how a tree bends to find a light source, we are bent when we encounter and then hold onto these traumas and emotionally distressing situations.

So when we talk about letting go of the things in our life that cause us ill health, we are really talking about removing the attachments these traumas have made to our divine being. The fault lines, the shifts, the bending that traumatic events cause in our conscious reality are really impermanent… they are not us, they are what happened to us. This is an important differentiation.

When we decide to remove the attachment these traumas have made to our divine being, we are allowing our divinity to straighten, to re-align, to grow stronger. We don’t need to hold onto these events or the ensuing shifts that they cause to our consciousness. We are in essence, freeing our divine body from the events that happen in our earthly experience that bind us to lower vibrational energy.

Within this understanding lies the gift of wisdom and healing. As we grow as light workers, as energy healers, as travelers on the path to enlightenment we re-unite with our divine purpose and potentiality.

Should you wish to learn more about how to release yourself from your past, from your traumas, from your pains- remember that it starts with one question, “are you ready to give up what hurts you?” . Aura clearing or psychic surgery can help you to gain the wisdom hidden within the traumas you’ve experienced.

Lighten your load, release your heart, encourage your light to glow.


Reflect and re-center

The spring equinox and full moon are almost upon us. We are also moving into fire sign Aries. As this energy amps up, take time today to reflect, recenter and ready yourself to receive. Major shifts are coming…. breathe deep and allow them to flow in the exact time they are ready. What’s yours will flow to you.

Shame and the blocking of personal power

Shame blocks the power center within our energetic bodies that allows for self belief and confidence. When this energy center is stopped or slowed, our feelings of empowerment are dulled and quieted. We stop flowing in the moment and question our ability to be ourselves. It is important to remember, we are never given a situation that we are not ready to handle; this doesn’t happen. Every time we find ourselves in a circumstance; it is because we are uniquely suited to be there. When we doubt our ability to be realized within that situation, we lose our capacity to extract the wisdom and enlightenment that sits as our gift within that moment.

Many factors go into the concept of Shame. As children, we first feel shame when we let people we love down; when we don’t meet their expectations of us. Shame accompanies us into our teen years where we learn to make many mistakes and missteps as we are guided towards who we are. The process of self discovery doesn’t stop after adolescence, but so formative are those “struggling” years where we suffer embarrassment that they provide the groundwork for how we grow.

Our outside influences are another factor when we are discussing shame. Sometimes overbearing, over controlling, dominate influences in our lives can lay the groundwork for perpetual feelings of shame and ingratitude towards ourself. We suffer so silently, knowing in our own hearts, that we are simply not good enough, that we cannot do things well enough- so why even try? This self defeating form of shame blocks us from even making any steps forward; trapping us in an unending cycle of negative behaviors which inevitably turn into pain and anger.

Being careful to remember that shame is impermanent is the first step to healing this power center within your body. When we are able to observe the shame, without feeding it energy, it becomes just another fleeting concept; we don’t own it- we simply release it. When shame is brought into the light of the present, it gets guided into its proper place and is rebalanced within the solar plexus chakra.

The Solar Plexus chakra is the energy center that governs our personal power. Mindfulness and living within the present moment energize this chakra, cleaning and clearing it. Within breathe lies the seed of life; awareness of our breath frees us from the hold shame may have on our self esteem and confidence. When we realize that within the breath is all the happiness, joy and freedom we desire; and we can revisit this breath every moment we choose to be aware, we remember that we are exactly where we should be, doing exactly what the moment requires us to do… this is what balances shame.

Practice the art of mindfulness and when you feel shame slowing your energy down, causing you to doubt yourself, lean into your process and into your breath. Incline towards peace and unconditional love and allow the feeling to pass and release.

peaceful repose

The veil was lifting this morning, as the sun rose up behind the tree-lined view of my street.  Barriers between dreaming and wakefulness were blurred, like a fog, like a thick field of energy that wrapped me so that I could hear the sounds of birds far off in the distance, perhaps far off in the folds of the past.  Voices called to me, without breath or voice, beckoning me to listen, to be heard… Stepping in between these folds of time that blur the line between what is consciousness and what is flowing from the sub-conscious… I fall into a river of sharks, without fear, without hesitation, but rather in some kind of peaceful repose; knowing that I would be left unmarred, unharmed, unmolested by these whipping, splashing, gnashing creatures of the deep.  And falling, falling, falling, I let go into the energy and into the flow.  All is, here in the thickness of my eternity and here I will lie in soft repose,  healing.

A message for today

Page of cups
Today allow the stillness of mercury retrograde fill your heart with understanding and clarity. New voices are singing…. listen in the distance to the whispers that float in the wind that is your path. A new day dawns and what we reap we now sow. Blessings and salutations on this peaceful and introspective day. Give thanks to your guides for helping you get here.