5/19/22- Mercury sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Pluto

This is a great time for learning and growing. Do a deep dive into intense subjects that make your heart sing. Speak your truth and allow your inner guides to lead you deeper down a new road.

Mercury sextile Jupiter– this transit provides a broad outlook and excellent decision making skills that allow for clear understanding of the road ahead.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and this transit fosters beautiful, positive thinking. Self expression is fostered during this time and diplomacy and tact will rule the day in all interactions making this an ideal time for signing business deals. Travel is also favored as both Mercury and Jupiter have rulership over travel.

Sun trine Pluto- this is an intense and deep transit. Allow yourself to do a deep dive into whatever you may be studying or interested in at this time.

You will have great power and influence over your life- allowing for positive transformation. As Pluto rules eliminations- you can use this time to clear away anything that is not in your highest and best good- things, people, habits etc. This is a powerful time of self-transformation.

5/18/22- Mars conjunct Neptune

This transit can trigger many feelings- romantic, sensual, paranoid, delusional… it is important here how you handle the energy (and is somewhat dependent on how Neptune is aspected in your personal chart).

Some positives that can come from this transit include enhance energy and enthusiasm. Unconditional love may flow at this time and your healing abilities could increase.

However, some negatives that can also manifest are tendencies to idealize things (leaving you open to deception). It is important to avoid negative environments as much as possible. You may be more susceptible to alcohol, medication, infection, poisons and drugs.

5/16/22- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Full Moons are about letting go and in Scorpio this means Scorpio-type themes of fear, obsession, control & early trauma.

We allow the light of the Full Moon to reveal to us what has been hidden in the dark. During this Full Moon in Scorpio- the Sun is in Taurus…both of these signs are concerned with security- Scorpio with emotional security and Taurus physical security. This Full Moon gifts us an opportunity to experience some form of imbalance pertaining to our sense of security so we can reflect and remedy that imbalance- letting go of the doubt and fear that may be holding us back.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it is a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses speed up our evolutionary pace and help us move forward in our growth journey. Sometimes, the process is uncomfortable and we don’t understand it fully while we are deep into it. With time, we develop more objectivity: looking back, everything gets clearer. Acknowledge, Accept and Release.

5/15/22- Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune

With the Sun squaring Saturn and in sextile to Neptune, we may find that the situations and ideals that we held close need to be altered some and that we can release those thoughts & feelings that no longer serve us by giving them up to a higher perspective.

Do not fret any heavy or uneasy feelings- they are showing you a new way… Saturn and Neptune are working in concert to help you see a new way forward. Step in faith and peace- accept what comes and allow what leaves the space to exit.

Sun square Saturn– Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. With this square to the Sun (our life force) we are asked to weather tests and challenges that could lead us down difficult roads. You may suffer from feelings of being weighed down by responsibility; feelings that will test your strength and character. During this time, find balance through the pressure, though the limitations… you must just muscle through the heavy energy to find the wisdom hidden within the challenge.

Sun sextile Neptune- Sensitivity, intuition, imagination and creativity are all heightened at this time. Increased psychic awareness may allow for deep and valuable personal insight. Empathy and receptivity will be beneficial in relationships with others. Pay close attention to dreams as message may be coming through.

5/7/22- Sun sextile Mars

This transit will provide a great boost to self-confidence, physical strength, vitality and courage.

This is the time to be active- start new projects, tackle that difficult assignment that you have been putting off or advance in a new direction.

It is important to make use of this energy- instincts and emPOWERed energy will be very high- reach out, take the lead, and make the best use this powerful transit.