Thoughts on Balance

11/15/21- Sun square Jupiter

This transit has two sides- your confidence and optimistic attitude can manifest as either good fortune or loss/embarrassment.

It is important to move forward with respect, moderation and discipline. Try to not overcommit; rather focus in on just one or a small number of projects- do not over do things.

Be conservative with finances, balanced in your food intake and try to avoid other addictive demons like drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Make your own luck by working hard. Moderation during this transit is key- have fun but do not overextend.

11/13/21-Mercury opposed Uranus

Uranus is the planet of sudden change and in this aspect to Mercury you may feel tense and scattered.

It is also possible that unexpected happenings can arise during this transit which may increase your anxiety.

This is not a good time to make plans, negotiate deals or attempt any mental tasks that may require patience and self-discipline.

This is a far better time to free your mind and go with the flow. In doing so, flashes of insight can arise leading to a new way forward.

The importance of listening is most crucial at this time; think before you speak and be mindful of arguing just for the sake of being contrary.

Within this powerful 11/11 portal

My heart is heavy with observations and acknowledgments of doubt and insecurity that had previously been covered by strength and force.

Seeing the patterns of holding onto initiating energy to hide feelings of lack and fear allows for acceptance and release.

Anger circulates on the periphery waiting for a place to enter; fulfilling old patterns used to mask the pain instead of embracing it.

Today I vow to sit within my observations- my doubts and insecurities-without force or anger so that I may better understand the wounds that have hidden inside me; so I may embrace these wounds with a loving tenderness.

Within this powerful 11/11 portal, may the shadows rise from where they slumber. May compassion be the flower that grows from within the wound and acceptance the salve that heals.

11/10/21- Mercury conjunct Mars & Square Saturn

The combined aspects involving Mars and Saturn may create a push and pull- Mars driving planning and movement, Saturn asking us to pull back and use caution. Do not allow this time to throw you off kilter. Remember that balance is key. Incline towards caution and try to rise above negative thoughts and frustrations.

Mercury conjunct Mars– Mercury is the planet of communication and Mars is the planet of action. During this transit, mental activity is heightened; making for an ideal time to focus on planning, groundwork and ideas. Intellect is increased and this can be a great time to stand up and be heard. There can be an aggressive or defensive nature to thoughts and feelings however and can lead to the potential for arguments, lost tempers or difficult behaviors. The key to handing this transit lies in self-awareness and providing a positive outlet for increased energy; it is important to find a positive outlet during this time. This is not a time to back down from a fight, but be sure to choose your battles- “is this a good use of my energy?” Be mindful, this transit gives a tendency towards acting before thinking- so try to take your measures thoughtfully.

Mercury square Saturn– this transit favors hard mental work, better done on your own than in concert with others. This is due to potential issues with communication. Attention to detail is very important at this time. Take time making important decisions; seek trusted advice and try not to rely on the words of others. You may be prone to saying the wrong thing- so be equally mindful with what you say to others as well. Paying attention to your thought formations will be helpful- gloomy thoughts can have a negative affect on your mental wellbeing. Remember that the heaviness will pass- don’t allow yourself to fall into it.

11/6/21-Mercury sextile Venus

This transit is fun, friendly and relaxing. Take some time to sit back and focus on socializing with those near and dear to you.

Relationships experience a wonderful break from stress and strain during this time; enhancing your ability to communicate and give/receive love.

This is also a time to allow your natural charm and social skills to take center stage.