Tarot message- March

Ace of Wands reversed

This card, appearing during the Astrological New Year & the Spring Equinox, brings tidings of renewal and rebirth.

From the fire of our inner heart, energy is now flowing, allowing us to see the sprouting hopeful whispers of what we planted during the dark of the Winter Solstice. Now is not the time to shrink away from new opportunity, learning and experience. Step fully, this month, into the new.

Listen deeply to your heart and take a risk on its deepest desires. Take a deep breath and allow the energy of this time to wash over you. Receive all the many blessings you have been watering and nurturing.

What you do this month, really sets the stage for beautiful blessings come summertime. Do not hold back now- embrace your calling, your heart’s deepest desire to connect with all life force energy… this is a renewing cycle- receive the energy the is flowing now.

photo of mountain under starry night sky

2/10/23- Mercury conjunct Pluto

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death & rebirth. This transit adds depth and intensity to thinking and communications.

You may uncover secrets through probing, questioning and research. Self analysis is also favored. This is a great time to dive into the shadow of the self to find deeper truths.

Intellectual power struggles are possible- it is best to take a step back and not argue, but rather observe. Anxiety may also be possible due to the intensity of mental activities. Relaxing is important to overall health at this time.

2/8/23- Venus sextile Uranus

During this time, you will be drawn to fun and excitement in social and love relationships. Finances are also highlighted and you may experience unexpected financial blessings now.

Creative and artistic work will be fostered and you may experience great breakthroughs in how you create and express your inner vision.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change and you may find yourself introduced to new, interesting people. This is the time to be willing to take a risk and see where it leads you.

2/3/23- Sun square Uranus

Open-mindedness and flexibility are required during this transit as feelings of uncertainty may take center stage.

The effects of this transit may present as an uneasy, anxious feeling- and this buildup of tension can result in unpredictable behavior on your part.

You may also experience unexpected outbursts from others. Try to avoid arguments and keep your energy focused inwardly, step up your self care routine.

This is a time to try to acknowledge the uncertainty with a faithful heart and trust your path.

Imbolc Blessings

Brigid, triple goddess, spinning maiden to crone. I welcome thee. My heart opens with boughs of white spring flowers. Enter my realm and let me honor you.

Your cleansing power restored my shame and healed my heart, in thanks I bow to you. I am a servant who wishes to further strip away this ego. I am ready to open into the inner realms. Plant my heart with your light so that I may learn from you.

I light this white candle now as a signal of rebirth and a celebration of your faithful love.

Hope is eternal.