Thoughts on Balance

Tarot message: compassion

Queen of Cups reversed crossed by Queen of Pentacles

Emotions run high right now as we go through bouts of needing to be understood. There may also be someone in your life at the moment who needs you to listen. Times are turbulent right now. Take a moment to listen- to your body, your mind, your emotions and those of others. Communication, compassion and kindness are called for today. Instead of a stick, consider honey.

Angel message: communication

Angel message: communication

Life is moving faster now that there are no retrograde planets to slow us down. This means that changes are taking place at a rapid pace. Give yourself time to assimilate all that has taken place- and that which is occurring now. Be sure to keep to the honest path with yourself and others- even if you feel exhausted and would rather not have those conversations regarding change right now. It is important to communicate your needs, desires and dreams and to listen to those of others. We are building now- keep the dialogue flowing.

Tarot message: temperance

Three of Cups reversed crossed by Temperance

Tensions may run high today with others. Try to keep an even keel and remain as kind, compassionate and balanced as possible. Triggers may be coming into your life right now to test you. Be mindful that your reaction to what happens is the true test for you. Let whatever happens or comes up the space to breathe and be… clarity is housed like a gift inside the trigger.

Spirit animal message: elk

Spirit animal message: elk
Stand tall in your truth…. remember that you are a divine being having a human experience- and so is everyone around you. Know that your truth does not have to match another’s…. we are all on different and converging paths. Believe in yourself and release the judgements of others. You are exactly where you need to be- believe.

Tarot message: patterns

The Heirophant reversed crossed by Four of Wands

Be mindful not to fall back into old patterns now. You have broken through many karmic and ancestral cycles- now you may be challenged with triggers to test your growth. Remain equanimous and balanced as you grow through these triggers understanding that you are not who you were anymore. Be kind to yourself and believe in your path.