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11/11/22- Sun square Saturn

As we continue to integrate all the changes and lessons from the eclipses, Saturn will continue to squeeze us, asking to let go of the old.

Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. With this square to the Sun (our life force) we are asked to weather tests and challenges that could lead us down difficult roads.

You may suffer from feelings of being weighed down by responsibility; feelings that will test your strength and character.

During this time, find balance through the pressure, though the limitations… you must just muscle through the heavy energy to find the wisdom hidden within the challenge.

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11/10/22- Mercury square Saturn, Venus trine Neptune

There may be a heaviness in the air during this time and it may be better to focus inwardly, on your own creative energy than trying to communicate your idea to another.

Mercury in square to Saturn will foster issues with communication and attention to detail is vital.

Gloomy thoughts can arise now- turn those thoughts into an artistic expression instead.

11/9/22- Sun opposed Uranus

Uranus will continue to be impactful post Full Moon as Sun moves into opposition. This gives the urge to try new and exciting ways to live life to the fullest.

You may seek freedom to do things your own way and may resist anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Something new is on the horizon and this could cause anxiety. Sudden changes and unexpected events are possible. Keep an open mind- these changes may offer a better way forward.

11/8/22- Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury opposed Uranus

This will be an intense Full Moon. The Sun will be working with you in terms of how you communicate, see and express the new perspective that is now integrating into your consciousness. But with Mercury in opposition to Uranus, you may receive unexpected news, realizations or difficult truths that you will be asked to accept.

The Full Moon in Taurus creates a beautiful counterbalance between the intricate energy of Scorpio Sun and the simplistic nature of Taurus Moon. At this interface of duality we are urged to surrender our attention to the senses; remembering that even through the most extreme and intense situations, we can find simplicity in breath, touch, and sense- embracing the NOW.

This Full Moon is about releasing complications and grounding our energy into the Earth Mother for relief, release and renewed peace. Eclipses bring about fated events and circumstances. You cannot fight what is happening, you must learn to surrender and find peace in the flow.

11/5/22- Sun opposed North Node, conjunct South Node & Venus opposed Uranus

Light will be shining on what is hidden- on your deepest feelings and intuitions. This may create tension and the floor upon which you stand could feel less sturdy than usual.

This is about diving into the darkness of Scorpio energy so you can remerge with a deeper understanding of the way forward. This links quite significantly with eclipse season… listen to what comes up.

With Venus in opposition to Uranus, there may be some tension or unexpected events surrounding close relationships or finances. Breathe through the changes and let what is, simple be truth.