Wisdom is found in the deep & dark places.

It does not lie in a comfortable bed. It does not line the easy path. It sits within the folds of unraveling. It can be found beneath fear & shame. It lies at the bottom of pain & suffering.

Wisdom is a hard fought comfort that comes when we are stripped bare and brought naked & prostrate to our truth.

To be reborn we must search out the wisdom that hides within us. Do not be afraid of the hard road- this is the task of our living- to uncover our truth and find the essence of our being.

Embrace all of yourself today and know the journey ahead is a sacred one.

Journey to the Horned Folk

I walked down a stone staircase in a forest. I could hear birds all around me, it was dark and warm.

The staircase was long and straight. It kept going deeper and deeper down

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, it opened into a semi-circle clearing with a large body of water, moss-like green and glowing. The room was humid and there were beings with horns all around me.

I was afraid of the horns, they told me it was a product of conditioning- that the devil was given horns so anytime we see beings with horns we get afraid. They said that it was all ego; that it wasn’t real. They also told me that the hardship I had been suffering emotionally was also only that of ego. I agreed.

They took me to table that had cards laid out. These cards had animals on them and were not anything I had ever seen before. One of the cards had a set of eyes. They asked me if I could see; I said yes I could. They told me that if I could see the eyes that was all the proof I needed- I had sight.

They sent me down into the water. It was dark blue now and I was sinking down to the depths. There was a flowing grass-like being at the bottom. It was dancing with the water and it had eyes. It told me that I was young for the old ones. I agreed. It told me that again. I agreed again. The sound of this circular exchange echoed for a while. It shared with me that I was here to grow- to get my wings in a sense. I thought about the illusions of “old souls” and how everyone wants to be an old soul, but old souls are forged from the rocks of pain.

Emerging from the deep, I was with the horned folk again. I noticed now how beautiful they were. They were adorned in the most beautiful and ornate jewelry. They had bejeweled garland surrounding their horns and around their necks.

A female healer approached me and offered me a healing. She laid me down on a table and placed her hands on me. I could feel energy realigning, I could feel the songs of birds in my throat. I wanted to merge with her, become her.

When she was finished, I bowed low in gratitude to the horned folk, to the blade of sea grass, to the magic of this divine place, to myself- and I began my return back.

To embrace new into our lives we must release old patterns that are no longer in vibrational resonance.

In order to fully emerge into that which we make manifest, resonance is key.

Our personal energy signature vibrates a light, color and sound that attracts like light, color and sound.

And while it may get difficult to let go of thought patterns subconsciously learned through childhood and through trauma, we must decide to release in order to ascend into our authentic light, color and sound signature.

Use today’s deep Cancer Moon in trine to Saturn rx in mysterious Pisces to descend and heal emotional wounds.

Your light grows sharper and your sound more distinct as you shed conditioning and elevate.

Lionsgate Portal

Sirius, the fixed star considered to be our spiritual sun, rises unimpeded. Reaching strength in this highly charged 8-8 Lions Gate.

The ancients were very in tune with the star Sirius; they believed it as the gateway to heaven and the home of higher vibrational beings. They believed that the energy of Sirius carried highly advanced wisdom that can be tapped into whenever Sirius is strong in the sky.

While our Sun is responsible for beaming down life force energy, especially when it is in its ruling sign of Leo, Sirius is responsible for beaming down life force to our spiritual bodies. This is why the opening of the Lionsgate Portal can bring awakenings and lift our consciousness to new heights.

Leo rules the heart… open your heart during this time to listen very deeply to the ancient wisdom that lies within.


Today we invoke for divine guidance
Divine healing
Divine illumination
We release fear and self doubt
We trust that we are being guided towards a higher good
We bow low in gratitude to all our ancestors, guides and enlightened ones who assist us
We receive and emit frequencies of love and light
We release control and allow the flow of consciousness to guide us
So be it
And so it is

An empty chair

Pisces season was draining this year; it was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting for me. There were times that I felt such a heaviness over me I couldn’t breathe.

Shame was my companion for most of it. I have been asked to put my arm around her and tell her that it will be okay. I can no longer hide her in the shadows in hopes that she will remain silent. Incorporation of what she represents is vital to my continued growth so even it if feels “bad” I am allowing her space to be.

For the Vernal Equinox I took a journey into Shame’s energy. She led me to the apartment complex where I grew up. Below the apartment rooms were garages. I saw her there, between garages, screaming at a chair that was empty. She was yelling, “You Never Loved Me!” among other angry obscenities. I could feel her pain- it hurt.

As I watched this scene unfold I realized that I was simply yelling at an empty chair. Sure, at any given time there could have been any number of people sitting in that chair fully deserving my wrath, but those people no longer exist in my life and I was left just yelling at the emptiness of what was.

This profound vision links to a deeper message. I have spent many, many years of my life- unconsciously screaming at that empty chair. Continuously reminding myself that I am Unloved. The echoes of this energy has drained me on a deep level and has continued to scar me long after the damage of those people who sat in that chair fully deserving of my anger have passed on.

So, today at the New Moon, I set my intention to relieve my duty in guarding and harassing that chair. I allow myself to release the pain that has kept me stuck in the constant reminder of my “lack” and I choose to walk away- to reallocate the energy spent in remembering the chair to endeavors that feed and fuel my soul.

It is time to allow the fire of Aries season to cleanse us- to release us from the patterns we carry that are no longer serving us.

Saturn will remain in Pisces for 3 years. During this time, the planet of restriction and limitation, will be assisting us in the deep dive into our own dark places so we may be renewed with remembered wisdom.

Embrace the path and let go of all your empty chairs.

It was just an empty chair
Sitting there
I was yelling at the space it held
“You never loved me!”

Any number of men
Could have been sitting there
But it was empty
And I was just trapped by time
Screaming obscenities
To air

sending love