Mabon blessings

9/22/22- Mabon- September Equinox- The Autumnal Equinox (also called Mabon) is a harvest festival celebrating balance, the natural cycles of death and transition, and gathering the rewards of what we have sown during the year. It is a time when night and day stand in equal duration and in perfect equilibrium- dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer- all in balance and in peace. Mabon stands on the very cusp of transition; so from today on, the year edges towards completion as the darkness defeats the light. The cycle of the natural world begins to come to an end and we are called upon to release what has passed with gratitude and acceptance.

This harvest includes giving thanks for the lessons that we have learned over the past year. Mabon’s symbolic call to thoughts of balance allow us to take the space we need to ponder what should be released over this next quarter as the leaves slowly fall from their branches and the touch of winter’s cold fingers grip the landscape.

Change is inevitable; find your own space to acknowledge and accept that which is no longer. Give thanks for all the blessings and lessons learned from the year and find joy in the cycle of nature that reminds of us our own divine natural experience and inevitable passing. Remember that life remains in this moment; what has passed is but an echo and the future is not guaranteed- embrace the present for peace and stability; hope and constancy.

Today, take time to meditate on the balance between light and shadow that lingers within you. Write a list of all that you are grateful for in your life now and that which you wish to release as the Wheel of Life turns towards endings and darkness. Remember that all things are impermanent and this impermanence gives way to freedom and change. Breath deeply and accept what has passed, what is passing and what will soon become.

Art by Irkallan

7/31/22- Mercury in Leo opposed Saturn rx in Aquarius, Sun in Leo trine Jupiter rx in Aries

We end the month with a bit of duality. Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo trine Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Mercury in this aspect to Saturn can normally foster feelings of isolation or difficult news; however, with the Sun trine to Jupiter some of the heaviness is offset. With both Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde, know this- you will be asked to balance the duality within yourself as you learn to accept the new way forward. Remember that you are not alone and the Universe is guiding your steps.

Mercury opposed Saturn- this is a time for serious thinking and conversation and can also foster negativity and sadness. Poor self image can lead to difficulties in communication resulting in feelings of isolation. There may also be a possibility of some difficult news or challenging situations that arise. No matter what comes up, the inclination may be that you see the worst in the situation- so this is not a day to be making important decisions; especially in relation to partnerships.

Sun trine Jupiter- this transit is about the best of all solar transits- leaving us feeling on top of the world. High spirits, enthusiasm and confidence bring good fortune. Opportunities come in the form of personal and spiritual growth

7/18/22- Mercury in Cancer opposed Pluto rx in Capricorn

This transit fosters transformational thoughts or ideas that can lead to clarity on issues or situations that may be keeping you feeling stuck.

It is very important during this time to be mindful of using “force” vs “emPOWERment” in your interactions with both yourself and others. Pluto asks us to look at our relationship between the dualities of dominance and submission. You may be triggered into arguments or old patterns- when this happens instead of reacting- take a step back and try to find the lesson.

Step into your power- “I am on my path, you are on yours and that is okay”… try not to force things- especially if it is a square peg into a round hole.

Some things may just need to be released.

7/9/22- Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries-

This transit provides a positive and far reaching perspective and is a great time to make plans.

Jupiter expands your worldview, however, during this time be mindful to not stretch too far that you miss the important details- as lack of focus can result in missteps or errors in judgement.

Mercury rules communication and during this time, pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Don’t let Jupiter’s expansive worldview color the wrong picture of your reality- Stay Grounded.

7/2/22- Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn rx in Aquarius and square Neptune rx in Pisces

This is a time to contemplate your own inner thought patterns and focus on re-aligning your inner dialogue. Both Saturn and Neptune are in retrograde; be mindful of your words when you are with others as well. This is not a time to be frivolous- instead use your divine mind to create beauty from within yourself.

Mercury trine Saturn– this transit provides the groundwork for serious contemplation as concentration and attention to detail are quite strong. During this time, things get done neatly, accurately and on time. This is a great time for focus on long term planning. What you are putting your mind to now should lead to positive and permanent results.

Mercury square Neptune- this transit can distort thinking; creating confusion and complicated discussions. Try to stick to the basics of communication at this time. Avoid treachery and scandal- even little white lies can lead to major embarrassment. Protect yourself from pushy people and psychic vampires. Focus on artistic endeavors like music, dance, poetry or creative writing. Also, avoid drugs and alcohol if possible during this transit.