Thoughts on Balance

Mabon blessings

On September 22nd, we enjoy the Autumnal Equinox or Mabon. During this time, night and day are again in equal length and in perfect equilibrium- dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, all in balance.

As we now transition from this moment of balance, the year will begin to wane as darkness defeats the light. The cycle of the world is moving towards completion as nights grow longer and days shorter and cooler.

Take this time to celebrate not only the lessons learned this year, but your own beautiful balance. Burn a candle, or light a flame to honor the light within you and fill your heart with gratitude. Release that which no longer serves you. Carry the flame of your own divine spirit into the darkness knowing that the light of love is all that is required.

Jupiter stations direct 9/12

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion turns direct on September 12th. This planet has been retrograde in the sign of Capricorn since mid May. The pairing of expansive Jupiter in Saturn’s Capricorn (the planet of constriction and boundaries) has caused us to look within our own foundations and anything that was not in line with our higher purpose was called into question. Now that Jupiter is turning direct- those concepts that weathered the critical eye of Saturn will now begin to flourish.

Mars turns retrograde

September 9th, Mars in Aries turns Retrograde. This energy is going to affect everyone one one level or another, but those with Aries influences in their chart even more significantly. With Mars, the planet of War, slowing down until November 13th, things may seem more uncertain. Energy in relationships and in the work environment may feel stuck. This would not be a good time to start a new endeavor.

Emotions of frustration and anger may run high at this time. It is beneficial to take step back and really try to understand the lesson behind the feelings- instead of reacting to them. Incline towards a more compassionate viewpoint of others during this time and try not to take unnecessary offense by the actions of others under this influence.

Now is a great time to ride the wave of this down-time and really evaluate what you want from your relationships, what you want from yourself in fact. Moving inwards, bringing your own energy closer now, will help you in receiving the lessons this retrograde is trying to teach you.

Full Moon in Pisces ♓️

Full Moon 9/2 in Pisces
With the full Moon in dreamy Water sign, Pisces, we are going to be diving into the depths of our intuition, dreams and inner knowing. There may be inspirational ah-ha moments that add clarity and much needed color to the very steady and organized Virgo Sun energy. The full Moon invites us to listen deeply to the quietest parts of ourselves and honor what wisdom is given.

During this emotionally deep full Moon, the Sun will also fall into positive aspect with Uranus (the planet of sudden change and freedom), creating opportunity for out of the box thinking and experimental solutions to both internal and external obstacles.

September tarot message

Five of Swords- This year has had its challenges for sure and now that we complete the final month of the third quarter, we are being asked to take a step back and evaluate our thought processes and direction. We may be trying to win situations that are no longer worth the fight. It is time to shift, to change our thinking so that we can re-balance with the coming of Autumn and the final three months of 2020. Change may be in order, and this change may not be super pleasant- as we may be forced now to look at how we have been treating our sensitive inner nature- as well as how we interact with those around us… it may be time to stop trying to win- and just walk away.