Lionsgate Portal

Sirius, the fixed star considered to be our spiritual sun, rises unimpeded. Reaching strength in this highly charged 8-8 Lions Gate.

The ancients were very in tune with the star Sirius; they believed it as the gateway to heaven and the home of higher vibrational beings. They believed that the energy of Sirius carried highly advanced wisdom that can be tapped into whenever Sirius is strong in the sky.

While our Sun is responsible for beaming down life force energy, especially when it is in its ruling sign of Leo, Sirius is responsible for beaming down life force to our spiritual bodies. This is why the opening of the Lionsgate Portal can bring awakenings and lift our consciousness to new heights.

Leo rules the heart… open your heart during this time to listen very deeply to the ancient wisdom that lies within.


Today we invoke for divine guidance
Divine healing
Divine illumination
We release fear and self doubt
We trust that we are being guided towards a higher good
We bow low in gratitude to all our ancestors, guides and enlightened ones who assist us
We receive and emit frequencies of love and light
We release control and allow the flow of consciousness to guide us
So be it
And so it is

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