Tarot message- March

Ace of Wands reversed

This card, appearing during the Astrological New Year & the Spring Equinox, brings tidings of renewal and rebirth.

From the fire of our inner heart, energy is now flowing, allowing us to see the sprouting hopeful whispers of what we planted during the dark of the Winter Solstice. Now is not the time to shrink away from new opportunity, learning and experience. Step fully, this month, into the new.

Listen deeply to your heart and take a risk on its deepest desires. Take a deep breath and allow the energy of this time to wash over you. Receive all the many blessings you have been watering and nurturing.

What you do this month, really sets the stage for beautiful blessings come summertime. Do not hold back now- embrace your calling, your heart’s deepest desire to connect with all life force energy… this is a renewing cycle- receive the energy the is flowing now.

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