2023 Tarot Outlook

Every card this year is reversed- there is a strong call to dive deeply  down into ourselves this year.  The overall vibration is the 4 of wands… this is about balancing growth.  partnership- finding common ground. 

The lesson card is the two of wands- new opportunities are opening- the world within is the new destination.  There is a land waiting for us, within us, that is yet to be explored and mapped.  Potential exists very strongly here.

 Wands and fire energy dominate the year.

January brings a final release to what was.  The potential outcomes are closing and the path is becoming more and more clear.  This must be taken seriously though- we are releasing the hold of the material and the ego so that we can merge more fully with the divine ancient self within us.

February brings some impatient feelings.  As if we are waiting for something to come, but it has yet to arrive.  Be mindful of overindulgence in any key area in your life.  This is the final push into the new world and new realms.

Spring equinox, the energetic New Year,  finally births the plants we have been watering from seed.  News and new opportunity flourish now.  Exciting developments will herald in a new way forward.  Allow the universal plan to unfold without holding any attachment to specific outcomes.

The Spring is about manifesting into reality.  April develops on this theme- new classes and new outlooks on old topics will bloom now.  Express yourself and do not hold back-your dreams are developing into reality.

May through August will focus on matters of the material. A new plan may need some focusing and time/attention.  Growth is happening now and the physical world is mirroring the inside one with more and more accuracy.

June and July will be filled with creativity and Wisdom.  There may be an old talent that comes up to the surface to be explored in a more authentic way. Family will also be at the forefront- not in a difficult or scary way, but rather in a joyful and celebratory manner-as if looking back at the past with more understanding and love.

The Autumn brings goodbyes.  It may be difficult and the energy at the end of the year may be heavy.  Reunions are possible.  There will be a time at year’s end that will require submission to things outside the purview of control.  Flow like water.

This year will be an inner journey into innate gifts and intuition.  This year will also be about birthing the  new- merging the inner and outer worlds- bringing into the material that which has been to this point primarily held within.  


There are 3 Major Arcana cards associated with this year.  One in Summer and the other two in Winter at Year End.

The World is the culmination of the Fool’s journey and the point at which a new cycle begins again. 

The World represents the planet Saturn (rewards through completion) and Egyptian Samurai Soul- Sobek who is associated with wisdom gained though experience. In Western astrology, Saturn is associated with structure, limitations and constriction. Saturn is closely related to the passage of time and the wisdom gained through experience and age. 

The Emperor is associated with the astrological sign Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and is the initiator- pushing forward goals and new ideas into life. In Egyptian mythology, Aries is represented by Khepara, the cosmic time keeper who orchestrates the movements of the planets and controls their influence on Earth. Khepera was the god of the morning sun and represents the dawn of a new day. 

The Hierophant is represented in Astrology by Taurus (order and rules) and Hathor, the Great Goddess of Egypt, Hathor is the supreme expression of unconditional love for all things earthly. Taurus is about embodiment- grounded energy in a body attune to the senses.