7/31/22- Mercury in Leo opposed Saturn rx in Aquarius, Sun in Leo trine Jupiter rx in Aries

We end the month with a bit of duality. Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo trine Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Mercury in this aspect to Saturn can normally foster feelings of isolation or difficult news; however, with the Sun trine to Jupiter some of the heaviness is offset. With both Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde, know this- you will be asked to balance the duality within yourself as you learn to accept the new way forward. Remember that you are not alone and the Universe is guiding your steps.

Mercury opposed Saturn- this is a time for serious thinking and conversation and can also foster negativity and sadness. Poor self image can lead to difficulties in communication resulting in feelings of isolation. There may also be a possibility of some difficult news or challenging situations that arise. No matter what comes up, the inclination may be that you see the worst in the situation- so this is not a day to be making important decisions; especially in relation to partnerships.

Sun trine Jupiter- this transit is about the best of all solar transits- leaving us feeling on top of the world. High spirits, enthusiasm and confidence bring good fortune. Opportunities come in the form of personal and spiritual growth

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