7/2/22- Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn rx in Aquarius and square Neptune rx in Pisces

This is a time to contemplate your own inner thought patterns and focus on re-aligning your inner dialogue. Both Saturn and Neptune are in retrograde; be mindful of your words when you are with others as well. This is not a time to be frivolous- instead use your divine mind to create beauty from within yourself.

Mercury trine Saturn– this transit provides the groundwork for serious contemplation as concentration and attention to detail are quite strong. During this time, things get done neatly, accurately and on time. This is a great time for focus on long term planning. What you are putting your mind to now should lead to positive and permanent results.

Mercury square Neptune- this transit can distort thinking; creating confusion and complicated discussions. Try to stick to the basics of communication at this time. Avoid treachery and scandal- even little white lies can lead to major embarrassment. Protect yourself from pushy people and psychic vampires. Focus on artistic endeavors like music, dance, poetry or creative writing. Also, avoid drugs and alcohol if possible during this transit.

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