5/15/22- Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune

With the Sun squaring Saturn and in sextile to Neptune, we may find that the situations and ideals that we held close need to be altered some and that we can release those thoughts & feelings that no longer serve us by giving them up to a higher perspective.

Do not fret any heavy or uneasy feelings- they are showing you a new way… Saturn and Neptune are working in concert to help you see a new way forward. Step in faith and peace- accept what comes and allow what leaves the space to exit.

Sun square Saturn– Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation. With this square to the Sun (our life force) we are asked to weather tests and challenges that could lead us down difficult roads. You may suffer from feelings of being weighed down by responsibility; feelings that will test your strength and character. During this time, find balance through the pressure, though the limitations… you must just muscle through the heavy energy to find the wisdom hidden within the challenge.

Sun sextile Neptune- Sensitivity, intuition, imagination and creativity are all heightened at this time. Increased psychic awareness may allow for deep and valuable personal insight. Empathy and receptivity will be beneficial in relationships with others. Pay close attention to dreams as message may be coming through.

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