4/1/22- New Moon in Aries

Aries is the first sign of the new astrological year and you my be feeling ready to begin a new project, get plans organized or dive into a new and interesting topic of learning.

This is a time when we feel more daring, more courageous and we find ourselves jumping at the chance to try something new.

Fiery Aries can also bring about more hot-tempered emotion, irritability and impatience. This is a great time to turn that ball of energy positively inwards- focusing on the self and renewing any areas that became drained during the deep dive into Pisces.

Aries welcomes physical activity, so this is a great time to begin walking, hiking, swimming, running or dancing. You will find extra courage taking a stand or asking to be heard.

It is important to practice moderation though, as too much can lead to burnout- and the seeds we plant during this new moon will continue to grow- patience is pure.

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