Vernal Equinox 3/20/22

The Vernal or Spring Equinox marks the beginning of Spring when the Earth returns to a place of perfect balance; day and night of equal length. This re-balancing of light and dark reminds us to bring some much needed balance into our own lives.

During this time, trees and plants begin to emerge from their winter slumber. Song birds search for nesting twigs and life seems to awaken once again through the process of death and rebirth. A new sun is rising and our hearts begin to ready for the return of the light, warmth and renewal.

This is a most auspicious time to plant new seeds. What do you wish to manifest during this new turn of the wheel? What do you wish to release? Find your inner balance, lean into your divine mind, awaken to your unfolding potential. The Earth is renewing, life is buzzing and the seeds you plant now will dream your world into existence.

Take time during this sacred day to imagine yourself as the Mage- picture your altar with each element present. See which element speaks to you- fire/wands, water/cups, air/swords, earth/pentacles. See which elements you leave behind. Allow your chosen element(s) to whisper to you… for this energy will be with you all year.

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