3/3/22- Mars & Venus conjunct Pluto

Relationships are center stage today as lovers, Mars and Venus both conjunct Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Now is not the time to fall into your deeper shadow, but instead choose to build upon the powerful energy to transform your relationships through physical and emotional deepening. Try to manage feelings of jealously, manipulation and forceā€¦ remember that you and your partner are on your own individual path- allow space and let the sparks fly.

Mars conjunct Pluto– Pluto is the planet of transformation; death and rebirth. During this transit, there may be an increase in passion, ambition, lust for power. You cannot ignore this powerful force of energy and it is important to direct it as opposed to having it directed for you. This is typically a good time to work independently or in doing something for which you have great passion. Major transformations are possible at this time. Close relationships can become strained as you may seem domineering or aggressive. You may also experience this from those you love as well. With regards to relationships it is important to transform the raw primal energy into a positive outlet; focusing on pleasure and intense love instead of jealousy or dominance. Use this power wisely and you will reap the rewards.

Venus conjunct Pluto- this transit may increase the need for love and the desire to experience it on a deeper level. Sparks will be in the air; however, it is important to govern the power of this transit judiciously. Misuse of power through manipulation will create issues. Feelings of jealousy may also emerge; stalking and spying are not advisable and if you are considering an affair- serious repercussions can result. Healthy relationships may enjoy intense physical connections and a deepening of passion.

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